Hulk Smash Watcher – AGAIN!



Issue #4 of Hulk featuring Red Hulk bitch-slapping the Watcher sold out at the distributor level, probably because of the aforementioned bitch-slapping, prompting Marvel to go back to press with that very same image as the new variant cover.

“Whahooo!” said writer Jeph Loeb. “Ed and I and Jason and Rich are thrilled that the newest Hulk in the marvel universe has made red turn to green for our retailer friends!  And just in case anybody thinks we’re slowing down, next up is the Red Hulk vs. THOR in Hulk 5 and then in Issue 6 it’s GREEN VS. RED — The Rematch of the Century!  And we can promise you, there’s more and more surprises galore!”

The Hulk #4 reprint arrives July 30, 2008 for $2.99.

via Marvel