M-Theory Arrives in September



If you browsed through the Image Solicitations for September, you probably saw the new three-issue mini-series M=Theory.  The cover is not the only homage to the pulp tales of the 40′s and 50s’, the tales inside bring back those robots, spacemen, and loverly ladies from the time period too.

mtheory_cov01.jpg“It’s long overdue for sci-fi pulp fiction to get back to its roots,” said co-writer Dwight L. MacPherson. “My cohorts, Bruce Brown and Mark Barentine, are also massive fans of the genre and cannot wait to go all out!”

The three issue mini-series, co-written by Dwight L. MacPherson and Bruce Brown with artist Mark Barentine, is an action-packed romp exploring every facet of science fiction featured in the golden age of pulp novels. In the first issue alone, a government scientist receives a startling transmission of extraterrestrial origin leading to terrifying discoveries leading them to the outer reaches of our galaxy and a shocking nemesis like none other!

M-Theory is a 32-page three-issue mini that kicks off September 17.

via Image Comics