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  1. I voted for the Flash. When there was those few episodes where he wasn’t in them, he was definitely missed. And it was pretty chilling the way he beat the Braniac/Luthor combo. And I’ll admit it, I cheered when he came back from the Speed Force.

    Though the best moment for him was when Barda and Kalibak were arguing and he had to break it up saying, “I can’t believe I’m the mature one here!”.

  2. Maximus Rift on

    I also voted for the Flash. He was definitely one of my favorites along with Hawkgirl and GL in that order. While everyone had their chance to shine, the Flash had that certain something that made him special.

    What cinches it for me is the episode that takes place in Keystone where we get to see him in his element. One of the best episodes in the series, in my opinion.

  3. I definitely understand the Flash votes, but I had to go with Hawkgirl because I thought she had the most interesting character development/changes during the JLU series.

  4. @Maximus

    I don’t care how many multi-part endgame episodes they would throw in our faces, the Flash Museum episode is by far the best in either Justice League cartoon. It was practically a pitch for a Flash series that would have had the same feel as the books.

  5. I voted for John Stewart simply to annoy people that are still worked up Hal or Kyle wasn’t used in the line up. I actually care more for the members added after they went Unlimited.

  6. I loved Flash in the JLU because he was that snarky voice of reason among the titans of the DCU. My favorite scene had to be in Starcrossed when the League had to get into their civies to evade capture. Flash was all worked up about having everyone else know his secret identity. His reaction when Bats & WW outed him was priceless.

  7. sorry i had to vote jon steward, he was just COOL. he always kept his head in a situation. if i had a second choice it woulda been the flash. i love the episode when lex luthor switches bodies with the flash, he looks in the mirror without the costume on and says “oh my……i have no idea who this is” lol, hilarious

  8. Lifeisaglitch on

    The Goddamn Batman got my vote, also I’m a bit surprised WW is so low on the list. Flash would of course have been my second choice.

  9. I went Flash too. But it was tough. For me the way that show characterized all of them in still the standard in my mind. But ultimately every great moment I recall from the show involves Wally.

    -“Boob tube”

  10. They’re not on the list…but the spotlight episodes on The Question, Huntress, and Booster Gold were outstanding as well.

  11. DrStrangeCubicle on

    I voted for Batman, mainly because I think the DCAU really nails the combination of “Batdick with issues” and genuine hero. Flash would be second of the ones listed, but Brother129 got my real second choice with The Question, who was absolutely hillarious.

  12. I wanted to vote for Flash, but I had to go with Batman, only because he had so many bad ass moments through out the run the of show.

    Flash was a very very very close second, because he had the funniest moments of the show. One of my favorites: When Wally tries to gt WW and HG to reconcile by inviting both of them to dinner. It doesn’t work out, and all the other heroes start to stare at him, to which he replies “Yeah, I had dinner with two ladies, cause I’m a stud!” Classic.

  13. Like alot of people on here, I really enjoyed Flash…..

    …..but I just had to go with Batman. The way he’s portrayed throughout this series is just spectacular. Conroy’s voice work, as usual, is amazing. And who can forget, as Adam said, all of his bad ass moments? Handing Waller the towel as she was getting out of the shower was priceless. I also really, REALLY liked when Bruce was hospitalized (on the Watchtower, I believe), and Diana and Clark came to visit him – “NO! You don’t get to make jokes! I just took a bullet for you!” That was one of the great things about the way he was portrayed in JL and JLU – he was still a dick, at times, but he was also that guy that you KNEW would lay it all on the line if he had to, especially if it was for Supes or WW.

  14. Side note: One of the best Bat-moments in JLU (IMO) was in the Ultamen eps. At the end after the four other Ultamen and hauled off by Cadmus, Longshadow walks off with Supes and WW. Waller steps up to take him back, with a bunch of armed soldiers at her back. Bats steps up and says, “Mine are bigger.”

    Oh the many meanings of that statement. By far, one of the top 5 Bat-moments.

    We may need a side poll, best Bat-moment/ best Flash moment from JL and JLU.

  15. batman is amazing of course and i wanted to vote for him, but with j’onn’s recent death, i felt the need to vote for him. and he was a jla staple

  16. Damn! Good pull Adam I loved that moment! And then right after it, when Waller calles Bats “rich boy” and you actually see him caught off guard, even for just a moment…..

    Damn Cartoon Network and anyone else responsible for the cancellation of JLU. For that you can never be forgiven.

  17. I came to love all the characters, but the one which appealed to me the most was the Question in the third season. While they were drawing from Rorschach (who was himself based off the comic book version) a bit with gruff voice and conspiracy theories, I loved the quirkiness they brought to the character, and of course, the subplot with the Huntress (voiced by Amy Acker no less).

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