If you went and saw the movie on opening day, then you probably have some thoughts on Marvel’s new Hulk movie.  I’ll be seeing it this weekend, and the Major Spoilers Podcast Panel will be talking about it on the next show, and we want to include your thoughts and reactions to the flick.

Did Marvel hit another one out of the ballpark?  Was it everything you expected, or did it fail to meet up to expectations?

Duke it out in the comment section below.


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  1. The movie was awesome.
    In my opinion, this movie was the redemption of the other hulk movies.
    I wasn’t expecting so much, since the first hulk movie.
    The action scenes were great, even the first minutes of the movie, too. You won’t want to leave your seat.
    And the last part of the movie, you can’t help to get excited. Really.

  2. I went into this movie with pretty low expectations. I came out of it thinking it was better than Iron Man. This movie combines the best aspects of the 70’s show (the music and the fugitive-esque setting), with a nice helping of a more comic-booky Hulk. I was hoping for two things in this movie, (and shockwave clap and a “Hulk Smash”), and I wasn’t disappointed. There were quite a few geek out moments, I audibly cheered at a couple of them, and I don’t do that normally. The movie isn’t without flaws, such as the Hulk not looking real, but honestly I can live with it. I’d rather have a somewhat unreal hulk than a painted up guy. And really, I know it’s 6 years hence, but the Hulk looks way better than say, cgi Peter Parker climbing up a wall.
    All in all the movie is very true to the character of the Hulk, and I for one cannot wait to see what their going to do with all that extra footage for the DVD. I hope positive word of mouth gets around so this movie doesn’t tank, because they set many things up for possible sequels, and I am convinced that they can pull them off with aplomb.

  3. Hey guys, I love the podcast and your site is now my first port of call. I took my sons (6 and 9) and their reluctant sister (16) on Friday evening to see the The Incredible Hulk, and everyones reaction was that Marvel nailed it. On Thursday I sat down to watch the Eric Bana Hulk movie and yet again I was woken by my wife after falling asleep half way through. But this time around they got it all just right. The movie had a great tempo, the atmosphere was serious but still sound space for a few well placed laughs. We all thoroughly enjoyed the action scenes and like in the recent Iron Man I didn’t feel like they over did it. I would much rather come out of a movie wanting to see more than looking at my watch halfway through wondering when i can leave. Again, just like Iron Man, the big highlight for me was the quality acting. Ed Norton was perfect as a tortured Bruce Banner, Tim Roth was a great nut case (I have met guys from the British special forces just like the character he played…very scary!!) and Liv Tyler is just a dream. We all loved the movie and cannot wait for the next Marvel studio release. Keep up the great work gentlemen, best wishes from Melbourne Australia

  4. The geek in me jumped up and down screaming as I watched “Incredible Hulk” at an early preview screening. It is AWESOME. From the amazingly-executed action scenes, the frenetic camerawork, dynamic score, down to Ed Norton and William Hurt’s fantastic characterizations, this is the pitch-perfect summer action smashfest.

    Better than Iron Man? Good god, no.

    It’s a better action movie, to be sure. Iron Man really only had one action sequence per act, whereas this has more action sequences than it does references to other parts of the Marvel Universe (and trust me, that’s a lot).

    If you want a movie with an intricate plot, well-developed character arcs, or well-written clever dialogue, wait for “Dark Knight” or go see “Iron Man” again.

    If you want a movie about hitting crap and then it exploding (and any self-respecting comic fan all read-up on NEXTWAVE should), you have found your dream summer movie.

  5. Everything said above – ditto. Awesome, go see it especially if you’re a fanboy.

    The google headlines have it all wrong. It’s a great action movie, not “Prince of Tides”

  6. I absolutely loved this film. I’m a Hulk fan, I’m a comic book fan, and I’m a movie fan…all of my little fan selves were satisfied and more.

  7. Marvel has gone 2 for 2 in 2008, another film that was anchored by a fantastic lead and supporting cast. The Incredible Hulk is one movie that is completely accessible to the general movie going public as well as the fanboys out there. There were tons of nods to the fans out there, like the purple pants and Lou & Stan’s respective cameos.

    This movie wasn’t meant to be cerebral … it’s simply HULK SMASH! How great was it to see him to do that thunder clap or turn the cop car into boxing gloves? And finally, the Hulk was given a worthy adversary in the form of Abomination … (whose look totally works in the context of the film). A fun ride thats definitely worth a second trip to the multiplex.

    Great job Marvel, now stop screwing with my man Favs and give him what HE needs to get Iron Man 2 done well.

  8. I read a review on that shreaded the shit out of it, but holy cow, my son and I LOVED it. I came out of it liking it more than even more than Iron Man. Basically, when the credits roll and both the 8-year-old and his 38-year-old dad start clapping…a lot of people did something right. (No matter what Ed Norton says.)

  9. Like I said before, it’s a wonderful movie. And, for my tastes, better than Iron Man. But that’s just because I’m bored with the concept of Iron Man. Robert Downey Jr. did a great job nonetheless.

    I really hope there is a sequel to this Hulk movie with the same director.

  10. I really liked Iron Man but I honestly had more geek out moments than I can remember in a long time going to a film. Great subtle nods to the Hulk mythos. It felt like such a Marvel movie that I half expected to see Spider-Man showing up when the Abonimation and Hulk began tussling in Harlem…

  11. 2 for 2 Marvel, 2 for 2. While it wasnt as good as Iron Man, its was still a great movie. I went in with low expectations not because of the first movie, but because Marvel set the bar with Iron Man, and it did not fail. Great action sequences, I loved when he kicked the crap out of Tim Roth, and they are already settin up sequels and side movies. The references to the Super Soldier serum and the birth of the Leader(WHO WAS FRIGGIN PERFECTLY CAST) made me have a geekgasm. Great action sequences, great acting and the end just blew me away once again even though i saw it coming. I was a lil dissapointed in the fact that there was no extra scene after the credits.

  12. Kazoo Spartan on

    I saw the Hulk today with my 7yr old son. He walked out of the theater saying Hulk Smash! I liked the refs to the Super Soldier project and the birth of the Leader. Very well done Mr Arad and Mr Lee.

  13. It was pretty good. I mean, for an out and out remake of the TV show, it wasn’t bad at all. Iron Man was a little better, but maybe that’s because Iron Man had so much less movie and TV baggage in its past to compare to. The TV theme was a nice touch, the Ferrigno cameo was a little silly, but all in all it was a very solid summer movie. Hopefully there’s not direct sequel coming, just a straight segue into the Avengers with the Leader as part of the Masters of Evil or whatnot.

    My main problem with the end sequence is that the fight between Abo and Hulk looked as if it was ripped right out of the Ultimate Destruction video game, from the technique of smashing the cars to the climb up the buildings. I guess there’s only so much you can do, but as someone who played that game for hours, it was blatant.

  14. Not necessarily a home run but I really enjoyed the movie.

    It was a forgettable movie, in that, I saw it, enjoyed it, but a couple of weeks later I’ll forget about it until the DVD comes out.

    So I’d probably say it was a solid double that it hit and not a home run.

  15. Quite enjoyable. It is what it is: A summer blockbuster action movie.

    Was it better than Iron Man? No, but it was more action-packed.

    Was it better than the Hulk? Yes, but because it was more what you would expect in a Hulk movie, action over cerebrial (I did enjoy Ang Lee’s Hulk movie, it was good for an orgin movie, not so good for a summer blockbuster).

    Am I excited for the extra 70 minutes of deleted material? Most definately. The DVD release can’t come soon enough!

  16. It was definitely an enjoyable movie that gives fans what they want. They really peppered in the Easter Eggs and I’m sure I didn’t catch them all.

  17. I liked it. I saw it with someone who didn’t see Ironman, so they thought the Robert Downey Jr. thing at the end was weird.

  18. im back again. i loved the movie and one really good plus thats been brought up before about superhero flix is the killing of the main villains. they didnt kill the abomination which leaves alot of open room to do alot of stuff with that character in future installments of the film. once again great job marvel

  19. I’m preparing for a backlash with this statement but here goes- I know this is fantasy and anyone adult can tell the difference, But why are you folks taking 6 year olds to a movie rated PG13. It’s not even cartoon violence- it’s big mean scary realistic violence. Doesn’t this freak out these kids?

    Very bad idea- 11 maybe but 6?

  20. Doc: You make a very good point, but remember the PG rating is Parental Guidance – not no one under 13 is admitted, so it is really up to the parent to decide if the content is appropriate or not. Is it scary? At times. Is it violent? Not much more than what you see on television already. Would I take my 6 year old? Good question – I guess I have five years to answer that question.

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