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  1. Lifeisaglitch on

    Uh Awesome this means the after credits scenes will have something else as the shocker, dare i say we might see somebody found in the arctic.

  2. not much of a spoiler IMO, it’s already common knowledge for anybody who’s remotely interested in Marvel movies and Hulk.

    but it was cool anyway.

    and as Lifeisaglich said, i will definitely stay after the credits this time.

  3. Some people are giving this movie a mixed review but in some ways I prefer it over Iron Man. Yes, Robert Downey, Jr. does an impeccable Tony Stark. However, I never liked the concepts behind Iron Man. The technologies behind the Iron Man suit would dramatically change the world and yet they haven’t nor will they in future movies. The thrust generated by the so-called “boot-jets”(which, by the way, stretch even Implausibility to the breaking point) would make spaceplanes a reality for even mundane consumers. The actuators in the Iron Man suit would make all kinds of bizarre mechanical engineering devices possible yet we never see Stark Corp making them available to the world at large in the comic book series.

    Any way, my point is that the HULK is a more enjoyable concept for my tastes. The Hulk of this new movie reminds me of Mark Millar’s HULK in his Ultimates Comic Book series and that is a very good thing.

    Bottomline, I hope they make a sequel to “The Incredible Hulk”

  4. Wait, Cory this reminds you of Ultimate Hulk? It really couldn’t be farther for me. Neither one Banner or Hulk are really sympathetic in The Ultimates.

  5. I’ve heard from people who have gone to screenings of this film that the above scene takes place during the film and not after the credits. There is apparently, at least for now, no reason to stay after the credits. Just saying so if you do stay you won’t be disappointed.

  6. see the Marvel Universe start to come together on screen
    And it is much more evident here, than even in IRON MAN.

    It’s not just SHIELD or a Tony Stark cameo. Those are the big obvious ones. And you know that the Super-Soldier formula is used here to give Blonsky his first boost… but here’s the geekiest part. The canister that they pull that vial of interesting liquid from… the Doctor’s name is Dr. Reinstein…. Yes, the actual name of the scientist that injected Steve Rogers with the Super Soldier serum… now the key is… they didn’t expose Blonsky to the Vita-Rays which would super-charge that serum and give him that extra boost that made Captain America that extra bit of badass. But, we’ll see that in an upcoming movie, I’m sure.

  7. Rodrigo: Yes, I do think that Banner and the Hulk in Ultimates ARE sympathetic. I think the rest of the team ARE NOT sympathetic. They treated Banner like shit and Banner merely responded to the crap they were dishing out to him. Now having said that, I think Millar drew Banner as a gross caricature in order to fit the story. And, in Ultimates 2, he saved everyone’s asses. Ultimate Betty Ross is a caricature, Ultimate Nick Fury is a GROSS Caricature, Ultimate Henry Pym was the biggest A-hole of them all. It was what The Ultimates was about.

    I merely drew the comparison to The Ultimates because that was the most entertaining depiction of the Hulk for me. I wanted to give an analogy of how much I enjoyed the movie.

  8. I really hate seeing trailers to this movie because it is getting me waay excited for a movie that I cannot afford. :(

    Oh and I really think that Ultimates I showed Hulk as simply an angry guy who could never get his way and when he realized what he had turned into he finally was able to grow up into the character he was in the end of Vol II. Oh and I seriously loved Ultimate Pym. He was an ass and a jerk, but I really think he grew beyond that by the end of Vol II. Which is why III is a waste of all of our times. It took the growth of the characters and vomited it back to an acidic waste.

    …just saying.

  9. Since I never really followed the Hulk comics, I probably have this all wrong, but is it safe to assume that the cryptic warning posted just before the video above is hinting that the ultimate all-American male will have an “incredible” cameo, probably at the movie’s tail end (as the crowe flies)?

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