It’s a brand new month and a new round of contestants who will battle it out this month for a chance for an ongoing webcomic series at Zudacomics.

All the new entries are active now at the website.

Take the jump for the complete rundown of the June entries.

Firefox004.jpgTitle: Cursed Planet
Writer: Ricardo Felipe Gonzalez Llarena – Tamaulipas, Mexico
Arist: Milton Sobreiro – Brasilia, Brazil
Colorist: Felipe Sobreiro – Brasilia, Brazil
Summary: Major Nicholas Jericho and his men wake up after their starship mysteriously crashed. As they try to figure out what has happened they realize that not even their impressive combat skills might be enough to get them out of the Cursed Planet.

Title: Dual
Writer/Artist: Mike Walton – San Diego, CA
Summary: The off-center tale of Bill, his “imaginary” friend, Yasu, & the peculiar power they share. Ruthless fiends with diabolical schemes & perverse creatures with vicious appetites plague the noir story of a man searching for his role as hero or villain.

Firefox006.jpgTitle: Love, Lust and a Giant Killer Turtle
Writer: Neal Holman – Atlanta, GA
Artist: Chad Hurd – Atlanta, GA
Summary: Counselor duties at Camp Thunderhawk include: orienteering, arts and crafts, games, escaping a giant turtle, leading kids to safety, staying not eaten, defeating a crazy man from the woods, and ultimately saving the day. Applicants must have awesome.

Firefox007.jpgTitle: Mime

Writer/Artist: Manny Trembley – Spokane, WA
Writer: Eric A. Anderson – Spokane, WA

Summary: Mime recounts an epic battle between two mythic gods struggling for supremacy amidst a twilight realm of theatrics and trickery.

Firefox008.jpgTitle: Mister Crimson
Writer: Seth Sherwood – Glendale Oaks, CA
Artist: Diego Tripodi – Buenos Aires, Argentin
Summary: Mister Crimson is the story of a pulp-era superhero that has been abducted through time. Taken from the 1930s, and sent 200 years into the future he is forced to take up fisticuffs against a rebellion that hopes to overthrow the city’s leaders. Mister Crimson is used to scraping his knuckles on shifty criminal types– but here, he is forced to take on mutants and cyborgs who have powers that match his own. But Crimson was selected for this task specifically. His futuristic handlers know that in a word, he is unbreakable.


Title: Psychopath: A Love Story

Writer/Artist: Matthew Petz – Brooklyn, NY

Summary: Psychopath is about falling in love. It’s about hoping the one you’re with won’t leave you because of your faults… like attacking the bad guys with a hammer.

Firefox010.jpgTitle: Red Ice
Writer: Scott O. Brown – Mobile, AL
Artist: Horacio Lalia – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Colorist: Andy Elder – Dundee, Scotland

Summary: Stuck on Mars, archaeologist Roland Allegro gets more than he bargained for when he uncovers Mars’ hidden history, forcing a choice between a way back to Earth and saving his adopted home from an alien invasion.

Firefox012.jpgTitle: Sam 3.14, PI
Writer: John Zakour – Geneva, NY
Artist: Scott Roberts
Summary: In 2040, Sam 3.14, a robotic PI with a human brain is hired to protect Reno’s top dancing girl CC LaBoom.

Firefox013.jpgTitle: Sharks + Shrinks
Writer/Artist: Gary Epting – Brisbane, CA
Summary: The dining room of Chez Madeleine is a refined controlled environment. However, just out of sight of the customers decorum unravels into a rich bohemian society; a raucous and sometimes poisonous mash-up of cultures, attitudes, and prejudices.

Firefox011.jpgTitle: S.Type
Writer/Artist: Alexander Diochon – Oakville, Ontario
Summary: S.Type is a story in which movie stereotypes and clichés are a reality. Characters, aware of these stereotypes, live and die based on their ability to play into the positive “types” while avoiding the negative ones.

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  1. This month has some great contestants and I’m honored to be among them. Some serious talent, and I urge everyone to head over to check the entries out. Neal and I are super proud of Giant Killer Turtle and hope to get to continue this story, we’re just getting started!


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