20th Century Fox and the voice cast of The Simpsons have reached an agreement for more money, and the animated series will go on.

Under the pact, the top actors will be paid nearly $400,000 per episode. While this is lower than the reported $500,000 the cast originally sought, it remains a significant increase from their current paychecks of about $300,000 an episode.

Rest assured, this agreement means the Simpsons will be on for four more years.

Uh… yea!? Is anyone still watching this show? The show stopped being laugh out loud funny about 10 years ago.
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  1. “The show stopped being laugh out loud funny about 10 years ago.” So true

    I realized The Simpsons were done after watching “Lisa the Tree Hugger”

  2. This is the song that never ends,
    Yes it goes on and on my friend.
    Some people started singing it, not knowing what it was,
    And they’ll continue singing it forever just because
    This is the song that never ends,
    lol the Simpson’s will never end.

  3. man give me what they get paid they want more when they get paid enough.also do they get paid for each voice or just for that one episode.

  4. The Ninja Charro on

    As you may have guessed, im Mexcian, in my country, the voice actors suffered a lot form paying, the last two years, the girls and guys woho voiced the Simpsons were fired just because they wanted a raise, and a lot actors whose voices are horrible are now working. the issue went bad, when several fanbpys and fangirls tried to boycott rhe movies if they played the Simpsons Movie with the new voices. In Mexico,as ageneral rule, all the animated movies are presented dubbed in the theaters, no matter if theyare children aimed or not. However, to avoid problems, they presented the dubbed and the subtitled versions of the movie. Even PRD a left party urged the Mexican Senate to approve a law that prottected the voice actors syndicate. at least, I can still wathc the original voice of the series in the internet.

  5. Lifeisaglitch on

    “The show stopped being laugh out loud funny about 10 years ago.”

    I do not agree with that…The movie wasn’t that great though.

  6. maybe they’re just going for all the records, most shows, longest running this, longest running that.

  7. For the love of god, this show hasn’t been funny for years. Please shoot the people orchestrating this deal. Oh and as a side note, if you didn’t like the movie, that is because you were never a fan.

  8. We hardly get it these days, maybe everynight for 2 weeks once a year. I stopped being bothered that I might be missing something when I noticed a trend with the latest ones.

    At the beginning something happens. This causes the family to have to do something which looks like it might be the main plot, however they solve their initial problem in less than 5 minutes, only solving the problem is what starts the main plot

    eg. Something happens at the start. Homer has to go to the store to buy something. Something happens which takes up the rest of the episode

    It just seems to me a waste of time, and lazy since they use the same plot progression in every episode. Couldn’t Homer just be going to the store at the beginning of the episode for some reason rather than waste 5 minutes on events that are dumped and never talked about for the rest of the episode.

    addendum: Also I read many years ago that Groening set a rule that they not use “cartoony” action. eg. in a Road runner cartoon where the Coyote stands in mid air for 10 seconds before he realises gravity exists.

    Well they obviously can’t be bothered anymore. At least not since the epsiode with the White Stripes where Bart crosses an open bridge and the White Stripes themselves pause in mid air and fall.

    I haven’t even seen the movie. I’m just no longer interested enough.

  9. How about not throwing so much money at old shows like this. Hey FOX save some of your Simpsons/Seth McFarlane money and use it to give “Fringe” and “Dollhouse” a fighting chance. Seriously that network just wants to fill time between “American Idol” seasons.

    This is just another example of the profit driven businessman approach that has infected entertainment. Ya know why we keep getting remakes and re-imaginings? Because all the major studios are now run by major corporations with CEO’s who used to sell toasters – see Jack Donegee on “30 Rock”. A guy who has no business running a network but doing it anyway. These guys approach entertainment like they do any product – remakes and old standby’s present far less risk then trying something new. The most risk they like to take is reality TV and that’s because its dirt cheap which means huge gains even if only short term. Same reason Car makers give us basically the same product year after year.

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