Do we really need another zombie tale set in the Marvel Universe? According to Fred Van Lente, the answer is yes. In the next installment, one of the zombies escapes from zombie world and stumbles into Marvel 616 territory, thus making Marvel Zombies an in continuity title.

“Marvel Zombies 3” will focus on a different group of zombies than Kirkman and Phillips’ books. “This is partly because ‘MZ3’ is set in a very specific period of ‘MZ’ continuity,” Van Lente explained. “For fear of giving away too much, I’m going to tell you when, exactly. But let’s just say the pursuit of sweet, sweet human flesh makes for some odd allies.”

The four issue mini-series will debut in October. I don’t know about you, but the zombie genre has overstayed its welcome.

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  1. DrStrangeCubicle on

    MORE zombies? I guess this means we can look forward to more Zombie variants on other series too. Yay!

  2. I don’t want any more Zombie comics or variant covers I mean they are cool and such but I’m sooo done with them

  3. Well to be honest the 2nd series was the epitome of lackluster. especially the one shot. i would for sure buy this coming series but if it seems far to simple and mainly concentrates on “oh look at this hero but get this hes evil now and dead!” then im dumping it.

  4. Well, come on…the guy wrote MODOK’S 11! That makes this project worth looking at in my eyes.

    Oh, and Jacin: Sorry, no cigar. The story takes place between the end of MARVEL ZOMBIES and the beginning of MARVEL ZOMBIES 2, so the Zombie Cap won’t show up…and they can’t infect the 616-Cap because he’s already dead and buried in an ice floe. The virus only affects living beings, unfortunately…

  5. I can’t get enough Zombie apocalypse books.

    That said, I can’t stand Zombie variant covers on the regular books. That’s overkill.

  6. Arthur Sudyam was at WWP this past weekend shilling his wares, and what struck me most was how he’s really a one-trick pony. Of all the guys in Artist Alley he was just like “yeah I’m the Zombie guy”. Nice guy though. Very affable and warm towards the fans.

  7. @civin

    We only need well done zombies. The market saturation is reaching critical levels. Case in point, IDW’s recent release Zombies!: Hunters from two weeks ago. Fraking terrible! I was lured in by Don Figueroa’s cover and BAM I was hit with epic suckage. An okay premise with terrible execution, this is a prime example as to how zombies are being seen as a gravy train for publishers these days.

    Marvel Zombies 3 … will SUUUUUUUUUCK, there is no way around it. Regular continuity zombie invasion in the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Civil War, One More Day, and World War Hulk … none of which have been wrapped up neatly or even addressed in a succinct matter by Marvel’s powers that be.

    Stunts like this is what pushes people away.

  8. I for one can’t get enough of them zombies….but I agree with Mr Doubledumbassonyou (who I guess must have seen Star Trek IV?) that it’s all about quality rather than quantity. I must admit to being a bit behind in this saga as I’ve only read Marvel Zombies series 1, the Dead Days OS & MZ vs AOD # 1…but as they were all excellent, I’ll be keeping ’em crossed that MZ3 will keep up the quality!

    And speaking from many years of buying comics, the multiple cover thing was old hat back in the 80’s….better to check out all the other covers either online or when the series is collected, or just stick to buying one copy of each issue! After all, isn’t there a credit crunch going on? Who can afford to buy all those different cover anyways!

  9. I don’t think heroes like Blade or Ghost Rider could get infected because they’re technically immortal.

  10. Oh and Kigoreo, Galactus and/or Silver Surfer is more powerful that Ghost Rider and Blade put together. However, Galactus and Silver succumbed to the wrath that is the zombie infection. There isn’t any hero that can withstand it if they are bitten.

  11. Thomas Zulli on

    Well I always wanted to know what happened to the other zombies (the ones not killed by the end of the first MZ) after the events of the first series.

  12. Mynameisspoiler on

    Freakin Zombie Nerds, look we all know the zombie comic genre has overstayed its welcome. the only good thing that came out of that is the strange covers

  13. Well, Zombie Virus is a bit of a stretch. The following should NOT be able to be infected:

    1. Anyone with powers cosmic. Sorry… but let’s be real on this. Molecule man should be able to instantly end the whole plot with a snap of the fingers. Of course, that’s why they had to kind of write him out of the plots of anything… And Galactus is already the ultimate zombie… always with an insatiable hunger…
    2. Any of the major powers: even if infected, they could end it instantly… Mad Jim Jaspers or any reality warper could end it instantly.
    3. Any non-biological being or anything of the like: How is the thing infected? How did something break the Thing or Hulk’s skin? How come Wolverine’s healing powers didn’t get rid of it? Could the Vision get infected?

    But hey… who wants to fiddle with details like reality in a comic book??? ;)

  14. ShadowStriker on

    DS394 pretty much said what i was gonna say except a few things like

    1. wtf happened to Sentry? where’d he go and why no origin for him? not that hard to write an origin you know

    2. since none of the team from the end of MZ2 doesnt make an appearance in this series, why and where did they go? or did they just wanna use that to milk the story even further till it gets to like what, marvel zombies 12?

    3. where the hell is Ash? the cover is a complete rip off of Army of Darkness so why no appearance?

  15. I think some of you guys are missing some of the bigger points here. Where is zombie sentry and why the virus is strong enough to affect cosmicly powered beings is a mystery, an intended mystery. One that Marvel has been purposefully vague about and is a secret Marvel will undoubtably reveal a year or so down the line. Probably as another oh so original summer event. To repeat the virulence of the virus isnt a writing oversight but part of the greater mystery.

  16. How did pepole like Wolvierine , Deadpool , Ghost Rider , and the sentry become infected
    i mean Wolvie and Deadpool both have a healing factor , ghost rider is a demon and sentry is supposed to be the most powerful hero ever.

    but otherwise a great series cant wait to see the 3rd ones climax =)

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