Zenescope Entertainment has sent Major Spoilers the cover images and solicitation information for titles shipping in August 2008. Take the jump for a peek at the cover of 1001 Arabian Nights: Adventures of Sinbad #4 and more.

Sinbad4.JPG1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS: The Adventures of Sinbad #4
Written by: Dan Wickline
Story by: Dan Wickline, Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco
Artwork by: Paolo Pantalena & Nei Ruffino

Sinbad and company fight out of the frying pan and into the fire, fire demons, that is. The guardians of the Temple of Kabrit Amud stand between Sinbad’s crew and their goal and conventional weapons are useless against this enemy. There is a grave price to be paid for removing the Amulet from its resting place. Sinbad has only one hope for success…but at what cost? Back on Ma’rut, Samelia continues to fight her new captor and Alorana learns just how much talent the young woman possesses. But all is for naught, as Samelia is at the Queen’s mercy with no one to come to her aid.


BeyondFinchCalie.JPGBEYOND WONDERLAND #1Story by: Raven Gregory, Ralph Tedesco and Joe Brusha
Written by: Raven Gregory
Artwork: Daniel Leister & Nei Ruffino

Months have passed since Calie Liddle returned from the realm of madness, months since Wonderland took everything from her. Now jaded and bitter, Calie is attempting to lead a more normal existence in New York City. With a new name and a different identity, Calie is just beginning to adjust to another life. But not every story has a happy ending as she soon realizes that things in her brand new life are going to get really bad, really fast. Something from the realm of insanity has found it’s way out and Calie knows that she could very well be the only one who has a chance to send it back. The much anticipated sequel to the smash hit series arrives this summer and this time around madness will reach well “Beyond Wonderland.”

Color, Standard Comic Size, 32 pages $2.99
piper4cover.JPGTHE PIPER TPB
Story by: Mike Kalvoda, Ralph Tedesco & Joe Brusha

Seven hundred years ago he took a horrifying revenge and paid the ultimate price for his sins. Now he’s returned to forge a deal that will cost more than your life.
Present day Florida, a prestigious boarding academy where a musically gifted but misunderstood high school student named Sean stumbles upon a mysterious book that will give him the ability to finally get back at those who have wronged him the last few years. But when Sean realizes exactly what he has summoned, he knows that the price of revenge is certainly not worth the trouble… It’s time to pay the Piper.
All four issues now collected in one incredible trade paperback!

Color, Standard Comic Size, 140 pages $15.99

Written and Created by Ralph Tedesco and Joe Tyler

Fairy Tales and Fables have been passed down from generation to generation throughout the world for hundreds of years. But there has never been an adaptation quite like this!Rapunzel is desperate to find the man of her dreams but has something else in mind when the love-struck fools attempt to woo her. The boy who cried wolf learns that tricking a town can pay surely pay dividends, The Snow Queen has something up her sleeve for the ill-prepared Sela meanwhile Rose Red proves her sisterly love to Snow White. Six new fairy tales retold and re-imagined with six incredible new twists that will leave readers wanting more!

Color, Standard Comic Size, 140 pages $15.99

Written by: Raven Gregory & Joe Tyler

What ever happened to Sela? Sacrificing herself so that an innocent life might be spared and sent to an icy grave by Belinda. But is she gone for good? The classic story of Rip Van Winkle sheds some light on Sela’s fate and offers intriguing clues on what’s to come in the Grimm universe. You simply can’t afford to miss this revealing issue of one of the hottest independent titles in comics.

Color, Standard Comic Size, 32 pages $2.99

Straw Men3.JPGSTRAW MEN #3
Written by: Joe Brusha
Artwork by: Brett Weldele

Convinced that his parents’ death wasn’t an accident, ex-CIA agent Ward Hopkins is obsessed with finding the people responsible for their murder. But his investigation only uncovers more questions about his own mysterious past and his connection to the elusive STRAW MEN. Meanwhile the notorious serial killer known as the Upright Man continues to terrorize his latest victim, Sarah Becker. Will Ward be able to put all the pieces together in time to uncover the secret of the Straw Men and save Sarah from her fate at the hands of their deadliest member? The clock is ticking and Sarah’s time is about to run out.

Color, Standard Comic Size, 32 pages $2.99


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