DeviantArt is a great place to find works by the talented (and not so talented) artists of the world. Fortunately, “Jolly Jack” falls into the talented category and scores bonus points for the Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull dig.


What is it about George Lucas’ ability to create a character(s) that bring up so much hate per generation? Be it Admiral Ackbar, Jar-Jar Binks, Howard the Duck (admittedly not created by Lucas, but destroyed by him none-the-less), and now CG Gophers, Lucas has done wonders in getting the fanboy community to stop fighting amongst themselves over whether a movie is good or bad and rally around awful characters. One good thing about the vitriol surrounding the CG Gophers is it is deflecting a lot of the hate around CGI Shia LeBeouf swinging from tree to tree with monkeys.

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  1. Who in the world has a problem with Admiral Ackbar?! “IT’S A TRAP!!!”

    Haha; I think what that proves is that it truly is a generational thing… When we’re all old fogeys, our kids will be like, Dude, how did you hate on Jar Jar!

    Similar things happen in comics… I remember the Clone Saga in Spider-Man being the most hated thing in the universe, and now people clamor for the return of Ben Reily. Give it ten years, and One More Day/Brand New Day will be considered a Spider-Man renaissance and something new will come along to hate…

    Though, I admit, I don’t really see much fanboyism raised about the CG gophers……….

  2. One day we will have the technology to throw a refrigerator down a small hill and film it. Until that day, we’ll just have to use crappy CGI.

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