A slew of Incredible Hulk movie clips hit the Interwebs this past week, some of which are pretty cool.

Like this one featuring the Hulk giving the smack down to the Abomination.


via Yahoo Movies

Or Ed Norton hulking out when Betty gets hurt.


via AOL

or the Hulk fighting Emil Blonsky


via MySpaceTV

After seeing the Abomination/Hulk fight, I’m more excited about this movie than I was previously.


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  1. Woohoo! More blurry CGI fights against a villain that doesn’t even remotely resemble the villain he’s supposed to be from the comics! Another sure fire ‘winner’ of a Hulk film!

  2. To each their own I suppose. I don’t understand why everything has to look as it did in the comics. I’m not a fan of the comic Abomination anyway, being a cross between the Hulk and the creature from the black lagoon. Why not update his look? The world of Marvel movies is a different world. They are updating everything, and giving filmmakers some room to maneuver in the story department. It doesn’t have to look the same, and its great if you want to make it exactly like the comics, but it doesn’t have to be.

    Click on the HD link in the Hulk-Abomination fight and just watch that fight scene. I’m loving the CGI, it works for a film like this. So they updated the look of the Abomination, it is a good look. If you were given only three words to describe the Abomination, would his looks really figure into it? After fitting in the fact that he is intelligent, huge, and strong…well you’re out of words aren’t you? Fish-face would have looked terrible on the big screen.

    I am incredibly excited for this film. Yes, I am an Edward Norton fan. Yes, I am a Hulk fan. Factoring in that just about ANYTHING is an improvement over the last Hulk film, I think this Hulk movie is going to not only compare favorably, but just be a good film on its own.

  3. I was a bit afraid that this movie would suck and once again hollywood would have messed up the simplist of ideas for a movie. Big green guy vs other thing, and just non stop action thats brutal and kickass! And…well…they did it! that clip from Abomination vs Hulk was amazing! Hulk using a car as boxing gloves is nothing new to hulk, but to the movie, well it transfered over well and is still extremely badass. These clips have brought back my hope for this film!

  4. Because that screen shot is exactly how its going to look on the big screen…

    Jacin B, you are supposed to go look at the HD quality video that is linked below the screen shot, not take the image there at face value for what the movie graphics are going to be.

  5. That second shot there. I tried to figure out why Banner’s mouth was covered in blood, along with his right hand. His eyes also look a bit funny. I wondered if he’d been shot, but I slowly realised it’s just reflections. Still it’s a weird picture.

  6. Snarky cynicism wins again!

    I’m actually looking forward to this movie.

    The only issue I had with the previous Hulk movie was that it was an Ang Lee movie. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a very talented director, he just wasn’t a good fit with what should have been an action adventure movie, not a psychological thriller.

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