Runaways Movie on the Way



Word out of H’wood this morning has Bryan K. Vaughan’s Runaways getting the treatment for the big screen. This makes perfect sense as the first series was pretty much self contained from the rest of the M616 making it a tale that can be told without needing appearances by Brad Pitt, Robert Downey, Jr. Sam Jackson, etc.

The good news is Vaughan is penning the adaptation, but the bad news is the film is in pre-production hell with Ant Man as Marvel Studios has yet to announce a start of production or release date. If Marvel wanted to get as much money from the tweeners as possible, they’d ramp this production up quickly and get a team movie out before the Avengers so the company can test the waters, and to rub it in the face of DC/Warner Bros. who have yet to get Justice League out of the starting gate.

So the question is, “Who would you cast in the roles of the Runaways?”

via THR