The Roberts: Those friendly neighborhood serial killers


roberts_01.jpgIf you ever wondered what happened to The Zodiac Killer or The Boston Strangler, Image Comics presents one interpretation of the serial killers in their golden years in Wayne Chinsang and Erik Rose’s The Roberts.

“I admit, I’ve always had a morbid fascination with serial murderers,” said writer Wayne Chinsang, also known to the world by his real name, Justin Shady. “When Denis Rader (BTK) finally got caught in 2005 I remember thinking, ‘What if this guy had never been caught? What would he be like as an eighty-year-old man? Or as a grandfather? How long could someone like him go on living a lie, trying to blend in when he so clearly doesn’t?’ Those thoughts were the start of THE ROBERTS.”

That’s what Chinsang explores in The Roberts featuring the two killers living their golden years out in nursing homes and dreaming of going down in infamy.

The Roberts #1 arrives in August for $5.99.

via Image Comics