There’s some wild speculation going around that the person under Libra’s hood, isn’t really Libra. It has something to do with this panel:


Did you get the clues? If not, we’ll discuss it on the Major Spoilers Podcast #14: The Wanted Podcast.

For those of you who are in the know, please join in on this week’s poll.


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  1. I’ve heard a lot of speculation that it is in fact Barry, but of course noone can no for-sure just yet. That would rule him out of the Legion lightning-rod, though. I’ve also heard some debate as to whether it’s *the* Barry, or some split-off version of Barry (since he does make a reference to being “split through a prism” (or something along those lines (uh-oh, multiple paretheses)) on the pages talking about the multiple lantern corps, and that has apparently happened to him before). Personally, I don’t want DC to wimp out and say right at the end “oh, turns out it was mirror-mirror Barry, don’t worry, the status quo is maintaned”. That being said, I’d also want an engrossing and compelling story as to why Barry would become evil/Libra. …of course, it’s probably all just one big red herring. I’ll end this thesis now.

  2. I don’t read DC at all, and I picked this issue up because everyone on the Interweb said it would be a “great jumping point”. Yeah I got confused … I didn’t even know Barry Allen was dead.

  3. Nice trick if it’s the reverse flash. What with him apparently sitting nearby when Libra gets talking. He could be changing back and forth.

    change clothes, talk, change, sit, change, talk, change, sit…..

  4. Wasn’t aware of Professor Zooms history, or who Cobalt Blue was till I just checked. It could be Zoom and the other one doesn’t even know. Maybe he’s doing a Booster Gold.

  5. Jon: You are correct, I can’t imagine anyone thinking this is a good jumping on point for DC titles. It is more of a “if you read DC comics 20 years ago, and then stopped, this is a great place to get back on board.”

  6. oh ok. I’m not really familiar with them. Now I see why you are using his real name, not his code name.

  7. Because Batman R.I.P. and Final Crisis are going to be intermixed… I believe it is Thomas Wayne under Libras hood.

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