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  1. Brad Pitt would be a…weird Thor. Obviously his Achilles would be the template, but I can’t see Pitt’s delivery being regal and pompous enough for the classic Thor. But he might surprise…since 12 Monkeys I’ve always given him benefit of the doubt. And hey, Pitt would make an awesome Sentry.

    However, I call “crud” for Sgt. Rock. Sam Peckinpah and Robert Aldrich are dead, therefore that movie cannot be faithfully made. Guy Ritchie has made one decent movie, one near-remake of that same movie, and a whollllllle lotta crap.

    At least he won’t be able to put his wife in it…oh crap, wait. I forgot about Mademoiselle Marie. Please Lord, deliver me from Madonna butchering a French accent.

  2. I heard that Triple H (WWE fame) will be running for the part. If you look up google for “Triple H” you can see that he has the looks, and if you check out his works, he is the biggest pompous -royalty-esk- type character in the WWE.

  3. I think Triple H is a terrible actor, and bites every word off like a racoon chewing it’s leg out of a trap. Can you imagine him trying to do “thees” and “thous” and “thoosts”?

    “I-uh… am-uh… THOR-uh! Thou-uh art-uh screwed-uh!”

    But, worse actors have made better movies, so I can’t be too judgemental.

  4. Hey now. I actually never heard Triple H have a bad promo. He’s intimidating, passionate (from what I can tell, with anger and hate mostly…), and we all know he can recite lines before and after a highly physical activity and follow careful choreography for a good 10-20 minutes with no second takes.

    … Now that I think about it, he might be the perfect actor for 2 dimensional characters (you can interpret that however you’d like… heh…)

  5. On a related note, I finally saw Fantastic Four/Silver Surfer on HBO for the first time this weekend and just became more and more annoyed every time “Sue Storm” and “Dr. Doom” opened their mouths. By the time the Surfer flew into Fakelactus and blew up, I was ready to throw a shoe at my own TV. Even the reasonably faithful Human Torch and Thing couldn’t save that turd.

    Though FF2 was still better than Ghost Rider, which I could NOT finish.

  6. hunter hurst hemsley would make a horrible thor, sure hes the right build but he cant act!! now that marvel is producing its own movies, expectations are gonna be higher, especially since iron man was so good. you cant have some no actin wrestler play thor, they need a name or at least somebody who can act. brad pitt=thor. make my words

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