Dracula vs. King Arthur: The Role Playing Game


DVKA4Front_Cover.jpgYes, you read that title correctly, the Silent Devil graphic novel is being turned into a d20 role-playing supplement using the Dungeons and Dragons system.

D&D players will thrill to the campaign set in Arthur’s Camelot and specialized weaponry to combat the vampire menace. Other players can actually take up the mantle of a vampire knight and try and extinguish the hope of humanity forever!

THe game called Vampires vs. Knights is being developed by Tony DiGerolamo.

“Adam Beranek, one of the co-creators of DvKA, and I are thrilled Tony agreed to write the game based on our concept,” says screenwriter/graphic novelist Christian Beranek. “Fans will be able to create their own characters and adventures — there are going to be many awesome battles between knights and vampires for years to come.”

It should be noted that Christian Beranek also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Dracula vs. King Arthur movie. The game will be in stores in the Spring of 2009, and you can catch a demo of the game at select conventions between now and then.