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  1. I know Wolverine is the best there is at what he does but is he really the best leader for the X-Men. Now I know he’s the most popular mutant out there and is in 20 different books a month but come on, give him a break and let Cyke lead the team. Regardless of all of that I know it’s all about money. I do like who I see on the team though.

  2. yeah, the only thing that bothers me is wolverine as a leader. other than that I’d say it looks really promising.

  3. Maximus Rift on

    This is why I tend to hate Wolverine. People keep putting him in positions he’s not really meant for. He is not Batman. He’s a loner-type. That is where he works best; clashing with the leader.

    That said, this looks kinda like a continuation of X-Men: Evolution. (Which would work to explain why Wolverstink is the leader.)

  4. When you think about it, “Wolverine and the X-man” is a surprisingly sincere title. Shame that Marvel wasn’t allowed to use the music from the previous trailer, however. Without that rock playing in the background the whole thing seems a bit… I don’t know, slow. On the other hand, they had time to show a lot of characters now; Rahne’s presence was a pleasant surprise to me.

  5. Spider-Man Unlimited FTW! That show doesn’t get the credit it so rightly deserved … this looks allright, I wasn’t a big fan of X Men Evolution, but I’ll give this a shot. It has to be better than Spectacular Spider-Man.

  6. Bah. Wolverine on a kiddie show is like flavorless ice cream.

    Hey look kids! Wolverine’s such a badass! Those claws are so almost-deadly! Wow, he just sliced through a door! Look, he’s chopped up a robot shaped like a human but with visible wires and gears inside! Look there’s a whole ARMY of robots! Go get em’ Wolvie! Maybe they’re guarding a DOOR!

  7. This show seems to be a continuation of x-men evolution, like someone has already mentioned earlier. I am worried though it might start concentrating more on wolverines “awesomeness” rather than the actual story. Im really excited about emma frost though, shes been my fave for a long time

  8. Wow, Doubledumbassonyou, you liked Spider-Man Unlimited AND X3 more than the other two? I will officially think of you now as “the guy who has the opposite opinions from me”

  9. I think that Wolverine should’ve been a leader in something. I mean he is the most liked X-Men character, and that should give him some credit that now he can take charge. Plus, he is still the loner that we all know at the same time. What else can you ask for?

  10. Anyone still complaining that Wolverine can’t lead needs a history lesson.

    Wolverine led Captain America on missions during WW2. And that guy is a better leader than Cyclops ever was.

    Wolverine led The Flight while working with the Canadian Government.

    Wolverine was groomed to lead Alpha Flight, but left for the X-Men.

    In Giant Size X-Men # 4 Xavier admits he brought Logan in to help Scott lead the team.

    When Wolverine went back to Canada with Nightcrawler Snowbird admits he is a good leader.

    Wolverine led the X-Men when Storm took a hiatus to get her powers back.

    Wolverine defeated Scott’s Danger Room program specifically designed to acess leadership capabilities.

    Scott picked Wolverine to lead X-Force.

    As for qualifications Wolverine is a tactical genius, commands respect, and quite a few X-Men look up to him with a great deal of respect.

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