RUSSELL ALERT! Barry Allen Returns!



Well I may have spoken too soon in the latest installment of the Major Spoilers Podcast, when I said “if you kill of a character, that character needs to stay dead…just like Barry Allen.” Seems the Silver Age Flash is returning in DC’s Universe #0, arriving on stands today.

“That’s the point of comics – they don’t have to die, because they’re fictional creations,” said Grant Morrison, one of the writers behind the comeback.

“We can do anything with them, and we can make them come back and make them defy death,” Morrison said. “And that’s why people read comics, to get away from the way life works, which is quite cruel and unheroic and ends in death.”

I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, I think Barry’s sacrifice and permanent death is one of the greatest things about comics. One the other hand, I haven’t picked up the issue, so this could just be a temporal Barry Allen that we’ve seen in Booster Gold, and the Flash title proper making a stop in the current time line as he bounces around space-time. His “golly-gee” clean cut image, certainly didn’t win him a lot of fans during his long run, but post death, Allen seems to have stirred something in fans around the world. Then again, Barry Allen just might die again and play a major role in the Green Lantern Darkest Night saga hitting next year.

via NY Daily News