It’s hard to believe that Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for 200 issues, and has spawned seven archive collections. Archie Comics let Major Spoilers know the 8th collection is set to arrive in local comic shops July 30th, and in newsstands and book stores on August 12, 2008.

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG ARCHIVES #8 brings fans these classic tales from issues #29 through #32 – including exciting events like Sally’s roboticization, the introduction of Dulcy the dragon, the solo adventures of Knuckles which led to his regular comic book, and other historic occurrences! Stories include:

  • “Steel-Belted Sally” (issue #29): The unthinkable happens: Sally is robotcized! Also features the first appearance of Dulcy the Dragon!
  • “Growing Pains, Part II” (issue #29): Tails has fallen in love with Fiona the Fox, but his new sweetheart may not be what she seems! This story led directly into the popular “Sonic’s Buddy Tails” mini-series.
  • “The Return of Uncle Chuck” (issue #30): Since the start of the series, Uncle Chuck has been a mindless robot in Robotnik’s servitude. But when the villain’s latest experiment goes awry, Uncle Chuck regains his free will and aids the Freedom Fighters in their fight against oppression!
  • “Who Keeps Stealing My Chaos Emeralds?!” (issue #30): A Coconut solo story of slapstick proportions!
  • “Knuckles Chaotix Sneak-Peak” (issue #30): The two-page lead-in to the famous “Knuckles Chaotix Super Special” introduces Knuckles’ team The Chaotix and foreshadows Robotnik’s plans to capture them all.
  • “A Robot Rides the Rails” (issue #31): Robotnik delivers his new super-robot, the Dynamac 3000 to the western coast by rail, and it’s up to the Freedom Fighters and Geoffrey St. John’s Rebel Underground to derail the treacherous train trip!
  • “Lost… and Found!” (issue #31): A follow-up to the “Chaotix Super Special,” Knuckles must rescue the Chaotix and Arhimedes, leading to the much-loved Knukcles mini-series.
  • “Tundra Road Part 1” (issue #31): Rotor must return to his homeland where Robotnik has brainwashed everyone in sight! Can he stop Robotnik’s “chilling” plot to bring on a new ice age?
  • “Blast from the Past” (issue #32): The Freedom Fighters find themselves up against a swatbot ambush, the robotic fangs of Muttski, and a Mobian Cavebear in this action-packed adventure!
  • “Prisoners!” (issue #32): The Chaotix are trapped by Archimedes – is he friend or foe?!
  • “Tundra Road, Part 2 (issue #32): Rotor’s mission to rescue his family and countrymen takes a dangerous turn, and it’s up to the Arctic Freedom Fighters to join the fight!


Sonic the Hedgehog Archives #8 will sell for $7.95.

via Archie Comics


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