This appeared over at MTV. It’s the first trailer for Frank Miller’s adaptation of The Spirit.

At first I was all Hellz Yeah when I heard about this project, but now I’m not so sure. I will go see it, but I don’t think it is going to have the same “spirit”, pardon the pun, that the original Sand Saref story from Eisner that I reviewed last year.

via MTV


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  1. I dunno, I always thought as the Spirit as being a little bit more, not light hearted, but I guess mellow. I mean, the stories could be intense, but there always seemed to be this almost playfulness about The Spirit himself. I guess I have not really seen enough yet to make a real and true judgement.

    We shall see what we shall see.

  2. I don’t know; This seems like it’s going to make Sin City feel less special, because it looks EXACTLY like Sin City…

  3. Lifeisaglitch on

    Looks like Sin City 1.5, to bad was looking forward to a Spirit movie. But hey it will probably be fun and Sin City was an awesome movie, still though somebody really needs to strap Frank Miller down so he doesn’t molest any other pulp series. Keep to your own material ya loon, it ain’t that bad.

    Just pisses me of they didn’t make him blue ya know.

  4. Can’t say I’ve ever read the original Eisner version, but I’ve loved the Darwyn Cooke take, and I agree with Stacy B – it seems much more light-hearted/playful than what they’re showing here.

  5. I vote for this movie to be titled Frank Miller’s The Spirit. So later on someone can actually make Will Eisners.

  6. the Ninja Charro on

    ¡Puta madre, ese pinche Miller ya la cagó otra vez, primero con el maldito Batman y ahora con el Spirit, no puede ser, ojala el “Espiritu de Will Eisner” lo visite y le jale las patas al cabrón!

  7. The Ninja Charro on

    No it isn’t, actually, I insulted Frank Miller because his conception of The Spirit is dishonrous and insulting to the memroty of Mr Eisner, and I use a comparation between his last work, the Goddamn Batman, and how he has screwed problaby, the biggest comic character ever created. The last sentence translates: “I Hope the Wiil Eisner’s Spirit visit him and punishes him for being a moron.” I just wrote in Spanish because I didn’t want to use English courses.

  8. Speaking as the old man in the room – the music sounds verrrrrrrryy similar to the distinctive soundtrack to Costner/Connery version of “The Untouchables”. THAT pisses me off too.

    I agree. Chinga tu madre, Frank.

  9. Grah, Frank Miller makes my insides hurt.

    David: You are right, it is the Ennio Morricone track from “The Untouchables.” My guess though is that it’s placement-only and that they will likely replace it with something once the composer has had time to do something with it.

    I noticed a few years ago that there were a bunch of adventure films recycling Klaus Badelt’s score from “Pirates of the Carribean” for their previews.

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