There were a lot of big announcements made at the New York Comic Con that took place this weekend.

Here’s a rundown of some of the important things:

  • September will see the introduction of Terry Moore and Humberto Ramos taking over Runaways.
  • Mark Waid will be joining the Amazing Spider-Man writing staff.
  • Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker are reuniting for Destroyer
  • There are no plans right now for Marvel to release comics in digital and physical forms at the same time.
  • There are more Avenger: The Initiative one-shots on the way featuring Hardball and Komodo.
  • Make sure you read Avengers: The Initiative #7
  • Joe Quesada continued to defend One More Day telling fans that the big payoff has yet to be revealed, and that 20 years of continuity have not been erased.
  • Ben Reilly – still dead, Captain America? Well someone looking like Steve Rogers did something interesting recently.
  • An interesting note for those counting issues sold, Jim McCann (Marvel’s marketing guru) says the actual sales numbers and those reported on sites like Major Spoilers could differ as much as 10,000 comics. Really? Wow…
  • Marvel still has their story ideas planned out about a year in advance, and following the latest Marvel creative summit (where everyone locks themselves in a room and fights it out to the death), the big story arcs are locked well into 2010.
  • More Young Avengers appearances are on the way.
  • No plans for Man-Thing
  • Taskmaster mini-series is still in the works
  • Nothing new on the Jeph Loeb and J. Scott Campbell Spider-Man project.
  • John Romita Jr. is back on Amazing Spider-Man in August, but only for six issues
  • We are already loving the new Marvel Thor title, but were perplexed by Thor stepping off the wrecked spaceship in the Savage Land. Secret Invasion: Thor should answer that question – it’s being written by Matt Fraction.
  • There will be a new Deadpool ongoing series in September with art by Paco Medina.
  • If you are worried about Kitty Pride, check out the May issue of Uncanny X-Men.
  • Expect to see Namor appear in Secret Invasion
  • What If? Secret Invasion? 2009
  • Upcoming issues of Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy will tie-in to Secret Invasion
  • Super Skrull will have a story arc in Secret Invasion
  • Everything related to “Is FILLINTHEBLANK a Skrull” were obviously met with “we’ll see”, and “keep reading”.
  • Remember Spider-Woman from Ultimate Spider-Man? Yeah, she’ll be back.
  • We could be seeing a lot more Venom in the Spider books
  • The returning Speedball will most certainly be Robbie Baldwin
  • A huge upheaval is about to happen to the Ultimate line toward the end of this year.
  • Quesada also pointed out that the Ultimate line is often a testing ground for what we might see in the 616 universe.
  • Stan Lee complemented Quesada for making Peter Parker single again
  • There are plans for another Halo mini-series
  • Greg Hurwitz, Duane Swierczynksi and Victor Gischler will all take on writing duties for the Punisher MAX line.
  • Mike Choi and Sonia Oback are now exclusive to Marvel
  • Marvel Apes is indeed the real deal

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  1. Kenny Placido on

    I just came from the NYCC and i had a chance to chat with Dan Slott. He told me that in august, the thunderbolts will have permission to go into NYC and face spiderman. Thats vemon and norman osborn against spider-man. and for the first time ever, Bulleye’s vs spider-man!!!!!! when i asked him about norman going back to gobby, he told me to just wait and see. Over all, the NYCC was awesome.

  2. Accept it, Maximus Rift, Stan Lee is a Skrull, just like the rest.

    Meantime, I’m looking forward to 2010’s Marvel Zombie Apes. Sure they didn’t announce anything of the sort, but you know it’s coming. It’s a good thing: I’m sure we all know someone in our lives looking for just the right outlet for their decomposing primate flesh fetish, and if they can just wait long enough, there it will be. I say if they can somehow mainstream the fetishes of the weirdos we love, then Make Mine Marvel.

    Marvel Apes…goddamn, they really are the House of Ideas, aren’t they?

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