Over at the official Adam Hughes site, the master has unveiled his Women of the DC Universe poster that you’ll only be able to pick up at the various conventions Hughes will be appearing at this year.

This is the line art, before DC asked Adam to add Catwoman. You’ll notice on the art on Adam’s table, he had lightly penciled Selina Kyle in on the left hand side. The editors at DC saw this photograph, and asked that she be added to the roster of Heroines and Villianesses on the piece. At that time, the image had already been inked and was in the process of being colored. That’s why we the have line art without Selina.

If you haven’t been reading Catwoman – and obviously many of you haven’t because DC is canceling the series, then you have missed out on some great Adam Hughes covers.

If anyone goes to a con and is able to pick one of these freebies up, do you think you could pick one up for the Major Spoilers HQ wall of hot art?

via Adam Hughes


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  1. I thought the woman seated may be Lois Lane as well. I got the impression that the ring was an “S”, bur her hair looked a little red to me too Jim.

  2. I’m pretty sure that it is Batwoman, if only because of the pants. We all know that pants-wearing woman = lesbian. Actually, because Batwoman is a “lipstick lesbian” she should really be in a dress anyway, why have her stand out? This is one of the best posters I have seen in a while! All of the women included are those with new books coming out, or those that are involved in important storylines. They might have thought two Wonder Womans a bit excessive, and I can’t really say why Huntress wasn’t on there.

  3. I was really excited for how well the “evening gown” theme went with each woman, exactly how they would dress in reality, at least in my opinion. I thought at first that the mystery girl was HawkGirl even though I was under the impression she had red hair, so I suppose Lois Lane would fit. Batwoman would fit except that I feel Barbara Gordon fills that position rather well, so my final guess would be Ms. Lane.

  4. Maybe it’s just my feminine perspective, but I am totally loving those gorgeous gowns! Pleasantly pleased that a male artist has such fashionable tastes in women’s attire. Each gown seems to reflect the young lady’s personality as well…though I would have preferred to see Vixen in something a little more haute couture and Black Canary in something more reminsicent of the 40’s glamour set. If the redhead is Lois, I see why he put her in pants…considering she does seem to wear the pants in that relationship. lol

  5. Nicolas Villareal on

    left to right- Catwoman, Barbara Gordon, Zatana, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Vixen, Batwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn This is one of the coolest comic posters I have ever seen and I am gonna have to pay some ridiculous price on e bay and its gonna be free. But it is so cool though!

  6. Quick Afterthought:
    all that S-Shield ring crap aside.

    This woman’s body/face/hair are drawn like Talia’s

    And that kind of outfit is something she would wear, the rings are probably just extremely rare priceless artifacts from her dad.

    And while the way she’s sitting in that seat suggests batwoman or lois, her facial expression is Talia all the way.

    • I agree with you and Talia also wears a demon pendent which looks like a bat…she’s a brunette and if you look at the poster that’s not exactly a red head

  7. I’m pretty sure that the seated chick is Batwoman…she likes jewelry and she is the Bruce Wayne as a female, so they way shes sitting expresses her sense of authority… its been said he was trying to portray the DC Varieties in women, like their all different and powerful at the same time, and just their presence can show it. I think its pretty cool cause DC is trying to make their heroines and heroes more modern and realistic… as always Adam pulls it off…

    • I have the poster at my house and if you look closly the seated women is wearing a necklace with a bat in it ! so now i am sure that it is batwomen i have been trying to figure out who a couple of these girls are for a while !

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