Another month is upon us, which can only mean it is time for Zuda Comics to roll out another monthly contest pitting web cartoonist against web cartoonist in a no-holds death match…to the death!

Actually, it is a little more civilized than that. Instead of giving the artists shivs and having them fight it out while we chant the fight theme from Star Trek, readers are encouraged to vote for their favorite series over at the Zuda Comics website (

Take the jump for the rundown of this month’s entrants.

Title: Agent Happydeath
Writer/Artist: Spencer Bernard Platt – San Jose, CA

Summary: Agent Happydeath is the top agent of the H.E.A (Happy Ever After) Agency. His job is to protect the citizens of Never Ever-Ever Land from fairytales gone bad.

Title: Brave Ulysses
Writer/Artist: Adam C. Moore – Sandpoint, ID

Summary: A young station-cop of the Interplanetary Enforcement Agencies has his humdrum life forever shaken as he follows duty’s call into the vast frontiers of space with the men and women of the much-admired IEA Marshals Service.

Title: Feuerkind
Writer/Artist: Stephen Michael Robert Wilber – Portland, OR

Summary: Follow 8-year-old Izzi as he learns to cope with his parents abandoning him, discovers his place in the world, fights the forces of evil, and learns to evenly cook bacon with his bare hands.

Title: Melody
Writer/Artist: Ilias Kyriazis – Athens, Greece

Summary: A woman comes into possession of the “greatest song in the world”, but only of the melody part – not the lyrics. People who want to provide their own lyrics and shape it to be the ultimate propaganda song are pursuing her.
Title: Punchboys
Writer/Artist: Ahmad Rashad Doucet – Savannah, GA

Summary: In a place where fairy tales and contemporary society co-exist, three brothers with magic gloves, face off against teen witches, flying gorillas, and living forests to save their home.

Title: Re-Evolution
Writer: Gustavo Higuera – Los Angeles, CA
Artist: Juan Felipe Salcedo – Bucaramanga, Colombia

Summary: The year is 2013, all life on Earth was nearly destroyed by a series of environmental disasters called the “Great Change” and as animals take over the planet a war breaks out causing a rebellion to be born led by the brave and noble dog Che-huahua.

Title: Streetpunx
Writer/Artist: Leon Govender – Kwazulu Natal, South Africa

Summary: Streetpunx is about a bunch of kids living on the streets. They appear to be homeless bums, but are really a part of an ancient order, sworn to protect and safeguard earth for all eternity. They are earth’s only defence.

Title: Suckerpunch
Writer/Artist: Russell Paul Daff – Cambridge, United Kingdom

Summary: The pseudo socialist “Organization” has taken control, constructing vast walled cities where drugged citizens live out a life of compliant servitude. Taylor, a “Hunter” for the officials is sent out into the wasteland to retrieve a rogue officer.

Title: Super Seed
Writer/Artist: Tyler James Vogel – Cambridge, MA

Summary: Enter the doors of International Andrology and Cryobank, the world’s first super powered fertility clinic. Welcome to Super Seed…Everything is conceivable.

Title: The Erebus Effect
Writer/Artist: Ravuth Vann – Lakewood, CA

Summary: A researcher on board the Hemera 47 Space Lab awakens to find several crewmembers slaughtered. Alone and at the brink of insanity, he is forced to piece everything together while being tormented by the Mysterious Figure NIN, a stuffed toy ninja.


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