Good News Everyone!


Chuck and Heroes fans will be happy to know both shows are returning next season to NBC. Both shows will air Monday nights at 8:00EST and 9:00EST respectively.

While we’re waiting for the fall season, here are some hotties from both shows (after the jump of course).

Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski

Sarah Lancaster (man Captain Awesome is so lucky)

I know she only appeared in two episodes, but Rachel Bilson is the hotness.

Heroes Hayden Panettiere

Ali Larter (do a search and find her Varsity Blues images)

Kristen Bell

and of course, who can forget her memorable 6-episode appearance – none other than the other hottie Missy Peregrym.

You can wipe your chin now…

Oh, and apparently Knight Rider is being picked up for a season and will air on Wednesday evenings. No word if The Hoff will return to the show, but just in case, here’s a shot for the ladies…