One of the headlines seen during 52 was Power Girl missing. Well, we’ve found her, courtesy of Geoff Johns and the Justice Society of America Annual #1.

Welcome to Earth-2!

For those of you not completely familiar with Earth-2, check in with Wikipedia

First appearing in The Flash #123 (1961), Earth Two was created to explain how Golden Age versions of characters such as The Flash could appear in stories with their Silver Age counterparts. Its continuity includes Pre-Crisis DC Golden Age heroes, including the Justice Society of America, whose careers began at the dawn of World War II, concurrently with their first appearances in comics. Earth-Two, along with the five surviving Earths of the DC Multiverse, are merged into one in the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths.


via Geoff Johns


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  1. I’m a huge JSA fan, loved Infinity, Inc. and All-Star Squadron from the eighties, but I can not support the concept of Earth-2 at this point.

    JSA of the last ten years has been great, but the cluster muck that bringing in Earth-2 is going to cause is just going to destroy any excitement I have for the JSA. This was my biggest fear after reading the end of 52.


  2. That is not Cyclops, it is the female Dr. Midnight from Infinity Inc. Most of the characters featured are Infinity people, but I do love the Spector in the background. Just wonder why Hector is back to his Silver Scarb outfit for this? Wasn’t that evil? And why the Star Spangled Kid & not Skyman?

  3. I think that’s supposed to be golden age Dr. Mid-Nite, hard to tell without the owl. I just want to know why Hourman and Mr. Terrific aren’t on the cover…Heck, we have Ted Knight, the Hawk folks, What I can only presume is Silver Scarab, even Atom and the Star Spangled Kid are up there, yet no Hourman or Mr. Terrific…sad panda.

  4. That’s not Cyclops – that’s Doctor Midnight – the Infinity Inc. version…in post-Crisis continuity she was killed in the old Eclipso series.

    I LOVE seeing the Golden Age Robin and Huntress again, but…oh boy…I agree the JSA – long broken in post-Crisis continuity – has finally been fixed so why mess with it now? At least I trust the creators in this case to do right by the characters.

  5. I just realized something.

    All the Earth-2 characters in that promo are dead on “New” Earth (except Atom-Smasher & Northwind, who we don’t know where they are).

  6. This says to me along with the Legion appearances we have seen that there is going to be rollback to right around the first crisis, or shortly after. Marvel will be in the 70’s( from what we hear) and DC will be in the 80s.

  7. The Ninja Charro on

    Thanks for the information. I agree with Jacin B, why Mr Ross does not make paintings about modern characters? Or Marvel ?Or other pop culture characers? Because Hellboy, James Bond, Zorro, Cyborg, Buffy, El Santo (sorry, Im Mexican I can avoid, see El Santo drawn by Dave Stevens, awesome), Han Solo, Dick Tracy designs would be amazing eye candies.

  8. Seeing how it’s an annual, this might not be Earth-2 back for good. I think JSA and Booster Gold are two of DC’s best series right now, so I’m going to trust Johns on this one….

  9. DrStrangeCubicle on

    I tend to agree with Josh. I *am* glad to see more of Earth-2 Huntress though (although wasn’t her costume different in 52?)

  10. I’m all for the Earth-2 exclusive characters.

    What I’m against, is confusing the streamlining of post-crisis JSA history (which finally made sense pre-Infinite Crisis) by crossing over with Earth-2 and having multiple everybodies again.

    Earth-2 is one of the reasons the Hawks were a nightmare that needed to be fixed.

    Come to think of it, I’m not really sure why Power Girl needs to be the Earth-2 Power Girl and couldn’t have been an ancient Kryptonian rocketed through space, ending up in Atlantis with Arion (sp?) who sent her into the future to protect her.

    That one run on sentence summed up both her disparate origins and combined them.

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