Steve Rogers is still dead… isn’t he? It may not be so as we move into the third act of the epic Death of Captain America story from Marvel Comics.

Marvel was kind enough to send us a sneak peek of Captain America #37 that arrives April 16, 2008.

Written by ED BRUBAKER

Eisner-winning writer Ed Brubaker takes things from bad to worse for the new Captain America! Acclaimed artists Steve Epting and Jackson Guice join Brubaker for Captain America #37, as the Red Skull targets the very soul of America with his latest gambit! As James “Bucky” Barnes must adjust to the new mantle once worn by his mentor, he must also search for the kidnapped Sharon Carter—whose jaw dropping discovery last issue may change the entire direction of Captain America!


via Marvel


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  1. Hey look! It’s Skrull Rogers! Or, the real Steve Rogers and the dead ones a Skrull. Or, it could be just a clone. Or, it could be a cloned Skrull. Or, it could just be Hawkeye. Or, well, really it could be anyone because, dang, that art really sucks.

    Seriously. Check out panel 2 on that second page. Can a human arm, cybernetic or otherwise, even bend backwards like that the way he’s holding that shield?

    And, then, unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, the cybernetic arm goes from being his left arm in that panel, to his right arm in the following panel, and then back to his left.


  2. No, the cyber-arm is not switching back and forth…Bucky is upside down in the middle shot.

    As for the blond guy, I agree with Rowan, it must be Clint (aka Hawkeye).

  3. No, the cyber-arm is not switching back and forth…Bucky is upside down in the middle shot.

    That doesn’t explain the difference, though …

    In the second panel, his back is towards the pommel horse, right? Now, if you’re looking at his back, (if it helps, imagine you’re the pommel horse), his cybernetic arm is on the left.

    Then, in the third panel, we are looking at his back directly, and his cybernetic arm is on the right.

    And, in the fourth panel (when he throws the shield), it’s back on the left.

  4. It clearly does switch from Left to Right back to Left again…though honestly those sorts of things happen just as it is Obviously Clint in the third page. You can tell by the color of his shirt, Steve Rogers would never be caught dead in a pastel purple.

  5. I don’t know guys, I’m looking at the pictures and they are not switching…
    Panel 1 – long shot of the building and bridge
    Panel 2 – Bucky on the horse, clearly left hand holding the shield
    Panel 3 – Bucky on the horse, back to us, upside down…if you imagine RFL as his front shot, LBR as his back shot (R stands for right and L for left, obviously, and F for front, B as back), then LBR upside down would be RBL, and clearly, the left hand is on the right side of the body.
    Panel 4 – Bucky lands and once again we have a back shot, so it is LBR, and the left arm is on the left this time (he’s right side up)
    Panel 5 – target being maimed
    Panel 6 – front shot, RFL, so the left hand is on the right

    Pretty consistent.

  6. What was Sharon Carter’s jaw dropping discovery last issue? :( While I love how the Captain America storyline arc has gone since his death I haven’t been able to make it out to the shop on enough of a basis to snag each issue on time. *sighs* :P

  7. then LBR upside down would be RBL, and clearly, the left hand is on the right side of the body.

    No, LBR upside down is still LBR. My left arm doesn’t stop being my left arm if I’m flipped upside down. And, LBR from the front would be RFL. LBR mirrored would be RBL and, as near as I can tell, we’re not looking at him through a mirror.

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