Salt Water Taffy


salt_water_taffy_01.jpgThis looks like it could be a fun title – there’s a guy fighting a giant crab on the cover.

Salt Water Taffy: The Seaside Adventures of Jack and Benny is an ongoing quarterly all-ages series to be released by Oni Press.

Jack and Benny are two young brothers on vacation in Chowder Bay, Maine for the entire summer. With no television or batteries for his Gameboy, Jack couldn’t be more bored. But when Benny, the youngest of the pair, spots a dark, indistinguishable shape creeping toward the ocean, the boys’ curiosity has them chasing one of Chowder Bay’s oldest legends. What exactly did Benny see? And what does it have to do with the recent rash of taffy thefts plaguing Dr. True’s sweet shop? Maybe the Putnam summer home won’t be as boring as the brothers feared! With surly old fisherman, sea monsters, warring seagulls, civil war ghosts, giant kleptomaniac eagles and mysteries around every corner–Chowder Bay may not just be the strangest place Jack and Benny have ever been to, it might be one of the strangest on Earth!

Fun! Salt Water Taffy: The Seaside Adventures of Jack and Benny will arrive May 7, 2008 for $5.95 (it’s 96 pages long).

via Oni Press