Or – “Menaces Gathering In The Shadows…”


Dynamo 5 has not had it easy in their first months as a super-team, being repeatedly forced to face down the various enemies of their late father, Captain Dynamo, dealing with the tensions of a new family, and trying to balance homelives with crime-fighting careers.  Now, for one of the team, family is about to intrude upon her costumed life (or perhaps that’s the other way around) in the most horrifying way possible…

D51.jpgPreviously, on Dynamo 5:  Slingshot, Scrap, Visionary, Myriad and Scatterbrain have been on the go for months, punching out the various and sundry villains of Dynamo City under the command of Cap’n Dynamo’s widow, Maddie Warner.  What they don’t know is that the villains that they’ve been fighting are mobilizing behind the scenes.  Last issue, a supposed superhuman situation turned out to be a scam, a clever ruse to allow the supervillain Voltage to track them to their hidden lair somewhere deep in the bowels of a sperm whale! under the Tower City docks.  When they returned home, team leader Slingshot got a call from her dear old dad, who was being held hostage by men who know who she is…  Now, Olivia must free a prisoner from F.LA.G.’s (The Foundation for Law & Government) brig or daddy takes a sluginnahead.

Of course, Maddie won’t hear of it.  She and Slingshot exchange harsh words, and they both have good points, until Maddie finally caves.  “If you want to go and try to help your fahter, I won’t stand in your way…  but the rest of the team stays here.”  The other four Dynamo kids immediately protest, but Visionary’s mother (who found her way to headquarters last month) agrees with Maddie, indicating that it’s too dangerous.  “This isn’t a democracy,” says Maddie.  “I run this team, and I say–“  Scatterbrain steps forward, and ends the conversation quickly.  “You know what?  I’ve about had it with you.  We’re gonna go help Livvie’s dad.  If you think you can stop us… Try.  Please.”  For once, Gage’s pigheadedness works in the team’s favor, and they all leave.

Once the team is in motion, Scrap tells Slingshot that, while they’re going to help her, they’re not going to just let a prisoner out willy-nilly.  “Everything the kidnappers said implies they know about you, but NOT about the rest of us.”   Wait, what?  They know that Olivia can fly.  They know that the new superhero team in town is led by a woman who can fly, who matches Olivia’s height, weight, and skintone.  Who WOULDN’T notice that?  Back at the aquarium, Visionary’s mom and Maddie argue amongst themselves, until the alarm goes off.  The rush to see what has happened, only to find that Voltage has broken in, along with several other villains, led by a mysterious woman.  “Well, well, well…” she says.  “You must be the widow Dynamo.  It’s so nice to finally meet you.  I’m Widowmaker.  I killed your husband.”  Uh oh…

Across town, Myriad uses his shapeshifting powers to stop the convoy transporting the prison, as Slingshot swoops into grab the prisoner.  While the kids travel to the meeting point, Widowmaker kicks the snot out of Maddie, only to find that Mrs. Chang isn’t as touch.  “I can help you…  if you spare my son…”  She agrees to reveal what she knows in return for saving Visionary’s life, and Widowmaker smiles wickedly.  As for the Dynamo 5, they transfer the prisoner, and sour the villain’s plans, but find that the man they almost freed has a death touch.  Visionary argues that they can’t let a stone killer escape, but Slingshot shoots back, “today, we can.”  That’ll bite them in the ass…  They all head for home, not knowing that five armed and dangerous supervillains are waiting at the other end of the jumpstation.

Jay Faerber is one of those writers who always nails the dialogue, but this issue ups the ante with a strong plot (Slingshot/Olivia’s decision will certain haunt them) and some very nice tension with Bonechill, Voltage, Widowmaker, Brains and Brawn ready to shatter some D5 skulls.  Mahmud Asrar’s art is awesome as always, with brilliant use of blacks and color, strong anatomy (especially on Scrap, one of my comic book crushes) and nice design work.  There’s a lot to like here, in anther solid outing from Team Dynamo.  I’d give Dynamo 5 #11 4 out of 5 stars, and recommend it to anyone who wants a semi-traditional comic story with some brand-new twists and nice character work. 



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  1. Wanna know how much I love this series? I can only buy a handful of books now and I can only go on a biweekly basis to get them. I have read every other review posted here of any series I still planned on getting except this one. That’s dedication, especially from an OCD sufferer like me!

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