Marvel sent the cover images for Secret Invasion #1, that let’s us all in on a Skrull invasion. Wait…what? Skrulls invading the Marvel universe, replacing characters we have grown to know and love? Why am I the last to know about all of this?

In all seriousness, Secret Invasion is here, and Marvel promises it will “change the Marvel Universe Forever!” Okay, okay, you can stop giggling now, and check out the cover images.

SECRET INVASION #1 (of 8) (FEB082240)
Variant cover by STEVE MCNIVEN

The shape-shifting Skrulls have infiltrated Earth, replacing those we most trust and count on for our protection—but just what is their endgame? From the superstar creative team of Eisner-winner Brian Bendis (New Avengers, Mighty Avengers) and acclaimed artist Leinil Francis Yu (New Avengers) comes the double-sized Secret Invasion #1 (of 8), beginning the blockbuster action-pack thrill ride that changes the Marvel Universe so dramatically that we can’t show you any of the interior art! Yup, every page is filled with the shocking changes and revelations you’ve been waiting for! Wrapped up in a stunning cover by Gabrielle Dell’Otto, along with variants by Civil War artist Steve McNiven and Yu himself, this is the comic you can’t afford to miss!


You really should note the first issue in this eight issue series will have a cover price of $3.99. Yup, still 399 cents!


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  1. Maximus Rift on

    Boy, they’re really pushing Yu as one of the great artists.

    And how many drinks do you take in the Marvel drinking game when they say their crossover event will “Change the Marvel Universe Forever!!!”?

  2. The Ninja Charro on

    “change the Marvel Universe Forever!” again, every 5 seconds, how can they possibly change it again? here are some possibilities:

    *Captain America never died, actually, Steve rogers never existed.

    *Wolverine forgets everything. Dont ask

    *Hulk is neither Bruce Banner nor rick Jones

    *Henry Pym acquires a new identity: Lady-Bug!

    *All of this is revealed to be an hallucination of Spider-Man, because Aunt May really died and M.J. left him, causing him to lose the rest of the sanity he had.

  3. I don’t get why people like Yu either. Why? The premise of this series sounds vaguely interesting but I’m not going to wade through 8 issues of Yu’s feral expressions wondering which hero is which. I mean, doesn’t that McNiven cover look ten times better than either Yu cover? What am I not getting about Yu’s art?

  4. ‘Course not. This is all the twisted delusion of Franklin Richards, now an adult, his power added to by absorbing the raw power of Onslaught, and his mind broken in so many pieces that all he can do is play the Puckish demigod, twisting the livesbof his friends and family this way and that…

  5. The Skrulls and Lenil are bringing back Wolverine Whiskers ! how great would it be if he got a new comic “The Wild and Whiskery Wolverine’s Wacky Action Packed Adventures: Brought to you by Gilette

  6. “Actually I think it could be a very cool story if this all turned out to be in the delusional mind of Peter Parker brought on by the loss of Aunt May. That would be so awesome…”

    Wouldn’t you call that House of P?

    And we should drink anytime there is a variant cover by Steven McNiven too:)

  7. ~wyntermute~ on

    i love how they cannot show a SINGLE PAGE~! because EVERY LAST ONE~! contains some SHOCKING REVEAL~! that will no doubt… Wait. i need another beer. *chink* Here we go. that will no doubt CHANGE THE MARVEL UNIVERSE FROM PAGE TO PAGE~! *glug glug glug glug*

  8. I’m just waiting to see who all is a Skrull.

    Here’s my prediction: I think it’s everyone. Everyone in the Marvel Universe is a Skrull. They’ve always been Skrulls, and the whole Marvel 616 universe until now has been a one, big, giant ‘What if … ?’ story. “What if everyone in the Marvel Universe were a Skrull?”

    “So, then, if that’s true, then where are all of the ‘real’ heroes in the Marvel universe(s)?” you ask.

    They’re Ultimate ones. The Ultimate universe has always been the only real one. (It’s the only one where Wolverine doesn’t have the ability to appear in every ongoing title at least twice a year — that’s the tip-off.)

    How’s that for a gigantic, ‘change the Marvel universe forever’ shocker?

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