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  1. The Dark Knight was going to be huge … and with Heath Ledger kicking it there will be that much more of a boost. However, Iron Man may in the end have more widespread appeal and has had a significantly larger marketing push over the last year.

    I voted for TDK.

  2. Iron Man is going to dominate. It is a fresh idea to the public in general (no baggage, not the fifth movie in a franchise, even if reimagined), and has a stronger cast – i.e. bigger marquee players in RDJr, Paltrow, Bridges, and Howard. The trailers have also been well made, and the marketing push is strong (Superbowl ad was pretty good). Granted, Batman has had the whole viral marketing campaign on the net, and the unfortunate death of Heath Ledger will spark greater interest in Batman, but I think IM will come on top.

  3. I probably won’t see the Batman movie (I still haven’t seen the first) but I know it’ll outperform Iron Man, the one I will see.

  4. I can’t pick one over the other. My allegiances are to Batman but Iron Man looks cool as heck. I just can’t pick one over the other because I’m really looking forward to both.

  5. Katzedecimal on

    Dark Knight, for one very simple reason: More Johnny Mundanes know about Batman than they do about Iron Man. Fact is, if the average Johnny Mundane knows about Iron Man at all, it’s as a Black Sabbath song.

  6. Dave (Matter-Eater Man....) on

    TDK will likely do better, just because it’s the GD Batman! But, I think Iron Man will do well, and I plan to see both. They both look really good!

  7. I think the TDK being a sequel and the Ledger news will draw bigger crowds.

    I’m more excited about Ironman tho

  8. I’d say don’t worry too much about it Shawn, the question is ‘which one do you think will do better’ not ‘which one do you like most’

  9. The reality is that this summer I plan on seeing too many movies:Iron Man, TDK,Hulk,Speed Racer, Hellboy 2 and Wall-E. Haven’t looked forward to this many movies in a long time.

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