Major Spoilers reader Matthew Tyndall took a trip down to Orlando this past weekend to hang with the likes of Wonder Woman, Storm Troopers, and Marvel’s Joe Q. Along the way he met some well knowns, some not so well knowns and took a a bunch of pictures to share with other Major Spoilers followers.

Don’t forget to click the images for a larger (1024×682 and higher) images.


Which one of these Green Lanterns doesn’t belong here (hint: it’s the one that isn’t a member of the space based corps.)


My god! They’re mutating into human form!


Aren’t you a little short for a Wookie?




Aren’t you a little tall for a Jawa?


Can’t wait to see if this turns out to be rip-off of yet another artist.



Last night we dined in hell! And it was an all you can eat buffet!


I don’t know what Nerb Fighting is, but it was popular enough that Matthew took a lot of pictures of it.


Well hello…


There were plenty of Storm Troopers around the show floor.


Well hello…


Yum…these cookies are so good….crunchsmack…yum…what’s that? It’s a trap? Yum*smack*crunch…um…retreat..no wait… one more cookie….


By Crom!



You got your Final Fantasy in my Kingdom Hearts! You got your Kingdom Hearts in my Final Fantasy! Hey!


Only at a comic convention would a man with bombs strapped to his chest wander aimlessly without attracting attention. Curse you Cobra!


Well hello!


Funny story – We were standing at the door to the room Quesada was going to be in and a guy walked up looked in the door and came out and we asked if this was where Quesada will be. The guy gave us a weird look and said yes and walked off. A few minutes later we went into the room sat down and the same guy walks in and goes to the mic. Yup is was Joe Quesada who looked completely different cause he lost a lot of weight.

Here’s Matthew and his friend with the mighty slim Joe Q.



Last night we dined in … what? Damn that Fat Leonidis!


Well hello!




Thanks for sharing Matthew!

If you attended MegaCon and have pictures to share, drop me an email and we’ll share them with the world.


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  1. Thanks for putting up the pics Stephen. Megacon was great and I am soo glad I was able to go. I got lucky it was on the same week that my spring break was. Just wish something major was announced cause I wanted an exclusive hahaha. BTW Wonder Woman was the highlight of my day there :-D

  2. yes, “Well Hello!” is the new catch phrase, it narrowly beat out the one that usually follows it “My eyes are up here, nerd”

  3. Barry: Thanks for the link – not a big fan of the various lightbox plug-ins that are out there, but I’ll give this one a look. The reason you’re having problems is because I opted to go for the raw image size of 1600×1900 for most of the images.

  4. I absolutely love that random Phillies fan in the background in that photo of Poison Ivy. And how about that Wonder Woman … not too shabby eh?

    What I don’t get is that whole fake light saber fighting thing.

  5. Is anyone from the orlando or kissimmee area going in March I moved to Kissimmee
    recently and I’m going got to meet the most beautiful communication officers again
    one more time saw her in Jamaica on Seatrek 1993 can’t wait to Nichelle Nichols one
    more time,hope to see Lea Thompson she’s still even more beautiful now . Not a big
    Star Wars fan but I wouldn’t mind seeing Richard Hatch got three autographs last time
    I was there ,Dirk Benedict,Herb Jefferson and Ann Hathaway.I already got two hundred dollars spent for that day .
    Live Long and Prosper.

  6. I Just wondering are there more fans of Star Trek or Star Wars ?
    Does anyone know for sure ? Especially now with Star Trek 2009 as
    big a hit as it was . Wouldn’t mind geting autographs from Johnthan
    Frakes or Brent Spiner hope this Megacon is as good as the last one.

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