The official Watchmen site has been updated to include some of the central characters in their official costumes. I know many people are going to be jumping up and down crying foul when they see the likes of Nite Owl and Silk Spectre, but keep this in mind – these a more than likely promotional posters (sans text) that have been highly stylized going for the Bleach Bypass look.

That being said, I think Nite Owl looks a little too lean, and Ozymandias is missing his great purple outfit. Zack Snyder has said he is going to be faithful to the movie, but now after seeing these images, I’m wonder just how “faithful” the film is going to be.

Take the jump for the images.


What? No Doctor Manhattan?

Ok, let your thoughts fly!

via the official Watchmen movie site


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  1. What’s the problem with the Night Owl costume? You can build a flying ship, but you’re not going to hide a beer belly in your battle armor? He’s not George Wendt…

    Maybe I’m grading on a curve here; one look at the Comedian’s mask to remind me of the leap it takes to go from comic to reality, as far as superhero costumes go. It’s what makes me cringe when I think about a Captain America movie. Why can’t something as simple as a domino mask be believable?

    I think the costumes are gr- …is that a mouth on Rorschach?

  2. Never fear! By Hollywood standards, Night Owl DOES have a beer belly. :)

    I think Rorschach DOES have a mouth. Blasphemy!

  3. The Comedian as a whole, looks really, really fakey. The wig is bad, and the mask is bad, and it generally looks like a costume they would’ve used for the old SNES Mortal Kombat games; when they would digitize real characters, but not worry about the costume quality because nobody would see it up close.

    Otherwise, I like Nite Owl’s costume, although if he were on the street in that, it may evoke shouts of “Hey, isn’t that Batman?”

    Ozymandias…I dunno. The costume’s kinda “meh,” but I think the look of the actor is right for Adrian Veidt. He’ll look better in a dapper business suit than he does here.

    And Silk Spectre looks great. I love Malin Akerman, love the hairstyle, and love the costume. Although, it looks like if she were standing straight up, her vagina may still be hanging out. Wear some pants, for godsakes.

  4. […Zack Snyder has said he is going to be faithful to the movie…]
    Shouldn’t that be “is going to be faithful to the comic book” ?

    The costumes mostly work for me. The darker colors fit in with the more or less “realistic” setting of Watchmen. But…
    (1) Ozymandias looks insane, when the whole point of the character in the comic was that he seemed the sanest of all (and was the most successful).
    (2) If you are going for dark and gritty (as seems to be the case), what is the point of dressing up Silk Specter in flashing colors ? (Although that may just be due the more “colorful” environment used for the promo shot – the fire rescue with Night Owl probably).

  5. The man-nipples on Ozymandias worry me specifically because they call to mind the Joel Schumacher Batman, who was given the man-nipples to make the character campy gay.

    The U.S. has a history of using homophobia to vilify high intelligence, aristocratic leanings, masculine grace or elegance — in other words, much of what made Ozymandias who he is!

    Furthermore, the primary hero of the work, Nite Owl, is dressed up in an homage to the modern Batman. So we have Nite Owl versus Ozymandias paralleled in costume by straight guy Batman versus campy gay Batman.

    Homophobia does not belong in the Watchmen, but I’m seeing warnings of it in this film — or at least, in the film’s promos.

  6. Ozymandias, the smartest man in the world, goes into detail in explaining why he is who he is. The man who prides himself (and I do mean PRIDES himself) for the power of his mind, is NOT going to have FAKE abs, FAKE pecs, and FAKE nipples, which draw attention away from his powerful mind. Not to mention the obvious darkeness of a costume which the original character interntionally had bright and vibrant.

    Seriously, you took a vibrant bright purple and gold outfit, and turned it into the damned dark knight. This was in poor taste, was a poor choice, and us poor fans won’t forgive you.

  7. first, I’ll say, I was never a fan of the watchmen. It always seemed to me it’s the one story where Moore dropped his load a little too soon when he could of played a who-done-it for some of it.

    all I can say about these photos is, Maybe Zack Snyder will CG the shitty wigs. Is it me, or does Matthew Goode look like he needs to grow into both his hair, and his costume? The production value on this movie looks really low. If they’d given a smaller budget to a creative director, that person would have found ways to work around the short comings that glare here. Thank god most of the bad costumes (and actors), Ozymandias and the Comedian, are limited in their appearances in costume in the story.

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