Oh how great it was to see a new Captain America come in to the fold last month. Captain America issue number 34 was truly one of the classics. But let me get this straight right from the start, to avoid any of the presumably already half written emails I would be getting. Steve Rogers was, is, and always will be, the only Captain America in my eyes.

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is just filling in for his lifelong friend until he comes back.

CAPA035.jpgAnd you know what, I have no problem with the knowledge that Rogers will be back soon. In fact, I’m loving the anticipation around when it will happen, how it will happen, and whether he’ll beat his new child back in to the world or not.

Another disclaimer, if you don’t like the new Captain America uniform, then you won’t like this review. From the moment I saw the Alex Ross artwork all those months ago, I have been stoked. I love the shiny new look that Bucky has revealed. It is, for all intents and purposes, the uniform that a modern day Captain America should be wearing.

But the charm of Cap, aka, Steve Rogers, is that he is not modern day. He is old fashioned, and that is why he embodies the true American spirit so well. Because sure as hell you Yanks don’t have it any more!

Now I’m not one of those reviewers who will attempt to summarize the entire story in to three paragraphs. I assume that some of you have read the book or that some of you want to still read the book and don’t want to be entirely spoiled. I fill out my reviews with self-important rambling about what is in the books.

So I can safely say that the contents of this book are worth picking up. The artwork is top notch, and the storyline is even better. I am simply in love with the storyline that has been crafted around Bucky, and the humbling of Tony Stark. I love S.H.I.E.L.D. and I am waiting for the day that Nick Fury will be back in charge. Until then, I love waiting for him to pop out of the woodwork.

I will tell you that Mr. Morovin is indeed simply a puppet for Aleksander Lukin/Red Skull, as the new “head” of Kronas Corporation. I can also say I’m loving the way that they are manipulating the world around them. Whenever a story involves more than just some giant blender attacking from outer-space, and focuses on issues on the ground, I’m happy.

We’re treated to some more nice shield-work from Cap/Bucky (what do we call him now?) and are left with two cliffhangers; one of which is easy enough to predict and the other which makes my heart cry out (I’m a sucker for romance, so you’ll know which is which when you read it).

Bruce Guice and Mike Perkins have once again created art that I could just sit and watch all day. The faces of all involved are such that I’m actually interested in letting the artwork be a part of the story, instead of – with many comics these days – simply letting it be the background to the word bubbles.

The lines in the faces are my example for just why this artwork is so good. Instead of just bland faces that look like they’ve come right out of a Pokemon episode, these look like someone actually realized that faces have features.

I don’t often give a 5 out of 5, but this time I will. This comic – and this entire story-arc (happy?) – are definitely making my day. Run out and pick it up if you haven’t already!



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  1. In my opinion, bringing Steve Rogers would be a horrible setback to what they’re trying to create with young Mr. Barnes. Cap was outdated and simply didn’t fit into this modern Marvel universe. A Captain America that struggles not only with his own sordid past and replacing his friend, but also about simply living up to the name and what that means in this society is a far more interesting character (and besides, we have a Steve Rogers dealing with this in the Ultimates already). Rogers should stay dead and they should let Barnes take over.

  2. DrStrangeCubicle on

    What sets Captain America apart from the vast majority of books these days, in my mind, is that even a slower/less eventful chapter is one of the top 2-3 best reads of the week.

  3. Mark this down:
    1) Living Bucky? Skrull.
    2) Dead Steve Rogers? Skrull.
    3) Secret Invasion? Marvel’s ginormous ‘reset’ button.

    Who(m) do you trust?

  4. “This modern Marvel universe” is one that I haven’t bought an issue of since the end of the Civil War established it to be a fascist hellhole. I’ve heard great things about Brubaker’s CA run, and maybe someday I’ll buy the trades, but not before Marvel does something to help me wash the rancid taste of the last three years out of my mouth.

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