DST Announces Wave 2 of DS9 Figures



Diamond Select Toys has announced the figures that will be released in wave 2 of the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 line.

The new figures ship late this year. Take the jump for the line-up of figures.

Last year saw the release of our first series, featuring Captain Benjamin Sisko, Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax, Constable Odo and the limited Lieutenant Ezri Dax variant. This second series expands the crew of the former Cardassian space station by including the genetically-enhanced Dr. Julian Bashir, the best engineer this side of the Wormhole – Chief Miles O’Brien and the depth-perception impaired Klingon – Martok! Also featured are the Previews Exclusive Colonel Kira Nerys in her Starfleet uniform and a limited two-pack containing Chancellor Gowron and a Season 4 style Lieutenant Commander Worf!


There will also be a figure based on O’Brien’s time aboard the Enterprise.

via Diamond Select Toys