Remember comic deaths are never long lasting.  Variety is reporting the Justice League movie is back on, with Warner Bros. targeting a 2009 release date.  The script is being polished while George Miller continues preproduction in Australia.

Adam Brody, cast as the Flash, is the biggest star in the superhero lineup. Rapper Common nabbed the Green Lantern role; other roles went to lesser-known thesps such as Armie Hammer Jr. (Batman) and Megan Gale (Wonder Woman).

If Miller can make a hit out of Justice League O.C. I’ll be very surprised, especially since the film is now going to be rushed to meet the original screen date.

via Variety


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  1. I’m Australian and I lost all interest when I heard Megan Gale is playing Wonder Woman, which would be fine if, in my opinion, she needed an IQ of 60.

    As for Martian Manhunter I hear, and this may just be a runour, it will be the actor who played the big bad in Mad Max. I honestly thought he must have died because I haven’t seen a sign of him in more than 20 years. The last thing he was in, to my knowledge, was a childrens show that ended every episode with kids throwing pies and flour at each other.

  2. Randallw: AICN reported the other day that Toe Cutter or whatever his name was will be Martian Manhunter.

    What angers me the most is that they are still intent on including Batman … I can understand the need for Superman, and if they weren’t happy with Superman Returns so be it. But Batman?!? They are effectively shitting on Christopher Nolan’s inspired take on the Caped Crusader.

  3. I don’t get why, if they’re all Warner Bros. productions, they can’t just use Bale as Batman, rather than putting yet another actor under the cowl. Can’t we have just a little hint at continuity between movie franchises … ?!

  4. EXACTLY! Now that Marvel has control of their own productions, we’re finally getting to see hints of that (hopefully) this summer in Iron Mand & The Incredible Hulk that will pave the way for that Avengers flick.

  5. That’s the thing, though – they’re not supposed to be in the same continuity. This Batman/Superman are supposed to be totally different from Bale’s/Routh’s. I personally don’t find this to be a good idea, because noone will have any idea what’s going on and there is no continuity. Besides, it seems like a bad idea to do a JL movie before each character has had their own movie (as opposed to what Marvel seems to be doing with all their movies leading up to an Avengers movie); there will just be too much going on trying to tell the origins of 7 different characters and tell a good team story.

    Now, a World’s Finest movie with Routh and Bale? That would kick ass. (Or even make a good WW movie, then do a Trinity-type movie, I’d take that as well)

  6. “Armie Hammer IS Batman!” Uh, no, he’s not. This OC version of JLA looks like a big ol’ train wreck. It’s weird that they seem to be positioning it so much as a youth-oriented adventure flick, yet seem to want to tell the hardcore continuity story of Maxwell Lord and the OMAC.

    I don’t think the Nolan/Bale Batman should have to endure this. That world is so grounded in reality that it’s pretty hard to imagine a guy flying through the skies, power rings and green aliens. In Nolan’s film(s), there really are no super-powers. Let them do their thing in peace.

  7. “Besides, it seems like a bad idea to do a JL movie before each character has had their own movie (as opposed to what Marvel seems to be doing with all their movies leading up to an Avengers movie)”

    Actually, I’m very leery of this whole “buildup to the team movie” thing… It sounds like another idea that’s only good in theory, like taking a bath with your girlfriend, or going camping. We’ll see how it comes across…

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