dc.jpgHere’s a wrap up of the items discussed at WonderCon. The biggest news is the tag line for Final Crisis; The Day Evil Wins.

  • Bill Willingham has no plans for another Fables series, but is currently working on a one-shot type story similar to The Last Castle and 1,001 Nights of Snowfall that examines the time when the Fables first entered the Mundie world.
  • Willingham also said he was drawing something, but would not state what it would be used for.
  • Rumored but not confirmed by DC is that James Robinson is working on a new Green Lantern/Green Arrow series. Could the duo go on the road again following the breakup of Green Arrow and Black Canary’s marriage? Also heavily rumored was Neal Adams doing art. In the meantime Robinson will be working on a new Shade miniseries.
  • Dan DiDio hinted Blue Beetle may not be back for long.
  • Brain dead is not the same as dead.
  • More Question miniseries coming.
  • Rann-Thanagar: Holy War?
  • In regards to the Dr. Fate story line currently appearing in Countdown to Mystery, Adam Beechen will write the installment for issue #7 based on the late Steve Gerber’s plot, with Mark Evanier, Mark Waid, Gail Simone, and Adam Beechen will work on the final installment based on what they think Gerber would have wanted. The fact that all the people are jumping on board to finish a limited run series, means DC is taking Dr. Fate more seriously than might have been expected, and I can’t think of a better group of people to take on Gerber’s final project.
  • There are plans for Manhunter to continue, the company is stockpiling scripts to keep the issues on time.
  • Barbara “Oracle” Gordon may cross paths with Joker “I shot you in the spine” McCrazy.
  • Jimmy Olsen will apparently not die during Countdown as he will play a role in an upcoming Superman arc updating the Superman’s Pal idea.
  • Anyone interested in having all the Superman titles integrated together once again resulting in a “weekly” series? DC did it in the 90s that I think worked great, and may be a response to Marvel doing a thrice monthly Spider-Man series.
  • With all the shake-ups going on with characters, DC will indeed produce a new Who’s Who.
  • Joe Michael Straczynski will be joining DC later this year.
  • When Major Spoilers interviewed Adam Beechen last year, he indicated there were more plans for Batgirl, and it is confirmed Beechen will be working on a new series.
  • Trinity will be a stand alone series that will not be connected to the rest of the DC universe. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  • As Brian mentioned in the Major Spoilers Podcast, Super Friends will get its own Johnny DC series, along with Magic of Shazam.
  • The multiverse is still around after Countdown, nothing mentioned what would happen to the multiverse following Final Crisis.
  • All-Star Batgirl is still delayed.
  • Don’t hold you breath for a new Batman Beyond series.
  • Power Girl will visit Earth-2 in JSA, and that will be a starting point for many PG stories.
  • What do you do when you kill Bart Allen? Rogues Revenge.

Sounds like the convention season is going to be an interesting one as more and more information slips out from the various companies.


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  1. Love the Manhunter news. Not so sure about the weekly Superman, I like the concept, but hope they can keep quality up. Maybe if they run it like they ran 52.

    Class act on the Doctor Fate. They could have just let a hack writer finish it, but working from his plot notes and letting somebody he knew well (such as Mark Evainer) help finish it shows that DC does get it, sometimes.

    Power Girl moving to Earth-2? In the one panel from (dang can;t remember the book!) the Earth-2 heroes where looking at a newpapaper that said Power Girl was still missing…

  2. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Stacy, that was from 52 #52, with the new Earth-2 Huntress (presumably still Helena Wayne) holding the newspaper.

    Glad to hear about Manhunter, really looking forward to Rogues’ Revenge.

    BOO to ‘Dan DiDio hinted Blue Beetle may not be back for long’

    And interested to see where JMS ends up, not really surprising, though, of course.

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