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  1. Batman. Hands down. Sure, Spider-Man will fight even after the fight is gone out of him, but Batman has this thing of not only fighting, but he fights dirty. And he tends to have a gadget for every situation.

    The higher on the Bat-Dickness level you go, the shorter the fight would be.

  2. Batman wins it, especially if its Frank Miller’s. Is this perhaps a precursor to an in depth look at that painfully short lived DC vs. Marvel bastard child that was the Amalgam Universe? Please tell me Matthew is going to start pumping out Hero Histories on some of those characters because that would be the pinnacle of awesome. Who here wants to know more about Dark Claw or Super Soldier? I know I do!

  3. If it’s a one on one .. one time fight I would vote spider-man only because of his spiffy spider sense and super human strength.. and webbing.. .. if it’s a fight that stopped half way through and went back to it (see above panel) I’m sure Batman would stock up on some form of a gadget that would even out the battle.

  4. what the hell is wrong with u spiderman haters, BATMAN would be murdaralized, spiderman is one of the most unpredictable fighters, plus he always jokes when he fights and who knows he may make batman laugh. dont count spider man out, okay count the brand new day spiderman out, but not the prebrand new day spiderman. honestly batman cant have a backup plan for every supervillain or hero in his damn belt.

  5. DrStrangeCubicle on

    Spiderman would run out of web fluid and fall to his death, as part of the new! and exciting! status quo of BND.

  6. Come on!
    Spiderman is technically superior to Batsy on every level, except gadgets and detective skills of course. Don’t forget that Spidey actually managed to dispose of the X-Men during Secret Wars.

    (But I’ve been out of comics for a while, he seems to have lost a lot of allure according to these comments).

  7. mosdef said: honestly batman cant have a backup plan for evey supervillian or hero in his damn belt.

    I remember back in the day playing the Pen and Paper DC Heroes RPG, First edition, from Mayfair. For you gadgetter heroes (which Batman was considered one) you could build omni-gadgets, and spend points on whatever power you needed at the time for your particular situation.

    Sorry, not really relevant, just a cool old guy memory. You know, pre-computer days. Pen and Paper. And Dice. And Imagination.

    Damn, I got to go yell at the imaginary kids to get off my yard now…. :-(

  8. Why do people insist on deifying Batman?

    Spider-Man has actual super-powers, folks. Batman has a Swiss Army belt and an army of damaged children he’s given an identity to.

    Which do you think has more relevance in a fight?

  9. He’s how I see it:

    Before OMD: Spider-Man would win because he’s got more going for him. Specially with his new spiffy powers.

    After OMD: Spidey’s a b***h now. One pimp slap from Batman, and he’s done.

  10. I see bats being the winner here. Sure, Spidey has superpowers but Batman isnt just relying on gadgets. He has had extensive training under several different styles, and keeps thinking ahead. However, if Spidey ambushed him…

    just out of curiosity, when did Spiderman meet Batman? Is this from the Marvel vs. DC miniseries or something else?

  11. Bats. As someone pointed out before, the higher on the Batdickness scale that particular Batman goes, the shorter the fight would be.

    And I’m not deifying Batman, either. I’m simply looking at the way that each has been portrayed throught the lifetime of their characters.

  12. Spider-man hands down. He is the epitome of the Marvel Universe, beat everyone from the Hulk on down, could probably take on Captain America if he needed to. I particularly enjoyed an exchange he had with MJ prior to BND where he stated flat out that he could probably beat most heroes, and that he had his own “protocols” in mind for each one of them, specially considering all the mind-control, body-swapping, whatever that occurs on a regular basis.

    Don’t forget, Spidey has years of experience (as much as Batman), super-strength, agility, endurance and spider-senses plus he possesses genius level intellect, tremendous willpower, and just plain guts. Bat-god or not, this would be the fight of watch, but ultimately, Spidey would triumph. But, as many people point out, BND might have changed things.

  13. Listen I like Batman, but what you call “prep time” is actually only usefull if he’s prepping an ambush, meaning only he knows what’s coming. If Batman could prepare an ambush then he can beat anyone. Most A-list characters could win everytime this way. But if you define “prep time” as both know its coming, well then prep is a two way street.

  14. “Spiderman would run out of web fluid and fall to his death, as part of the new! and exciting! status quo of BND.”

    Heh. Agreed.

  15. All I know is this…

    Batman doesn’t have a single enemy that would prepare him for a battle with Spider-Man. In fact, with the exception of his interactions with the Creeper, nothing in the DCU really has…

  16. I don’t follow comics very closely and primarily only read the occasional graphic novel. Pardon my ignorance but what is BND and OMD?

  17. novan leon, one more day and brand new day, are spiderman story arcs, one more day deals with spidermans decision to save his aunts life for the price of his marriage to mary jane watson via mephisto(the satan of marvel u), brand new day is what happens after spiderman decides to save some old womans life whose life is bound to be put into peril again, over a future with his wife and possibly a child. brand new day is supposed to jump start spider man again, and make it COOL!!! they both really suck.

  18. Thanks for the info.

    It sounds like like similar attempts with other characters to revitalize them and make them more appealing to a larger audience again.

  19. Given time to prepare, Batman beats anyone. It’s just a fact.

    ( Yes, even Mike Ditka — even if Mike Ditka driving the Bears’ team bus in the Indianapolis 500. )

  20. If it’s a once-off, Spiderman will leave Batman a whimpering puddle on the ground.

    If Batman gets the chance to analyze Spiderman’s web stuff, he’d probably create something that dissolves it for next time and win.

  21. SpiderboyN2Jesus on

    I’d say it’s a 50-50 chance; it’s hard to say who’d win. Spidey should beat because of his super powers for sure, but Batman has his way of coming out on top. As for sheer strength; Spidey wins, but for technique he’d probably lose to Batman. But I’m not sure it would ever come to that…

    As for the OMD and BND crap (the “crap” is for the comics themselves, not your comments on it) I agree with everything that’s been said about it, but I don’t even consider as part of the Spider-man mythos because it’s just such comeplete crap!

  22. SpiderboyN2Jesus on

    I don’t think it’s predictable who’d win. They’re both evenly matched; Batman makes up for his strength with his technique and all his other skills (and yeah he’s strong, but not super strong). And Spider-man makes up for all that with his powers and webs! I say Batman would lose the first fight, but would study Spidey and beat him in the future. Superman is the only character like Spider-man as far as strength, but all it takes to knock him out is Kryptonite, it’d be quite a lot harder to stop Spidey!

  23. First of all: I don’t like Mephisto or Joe Quesada; I don’t trust either of them. Joe ruined Peter and Mary Jane’s morality for the One More Day and Brand New Day stories. All Joe cares about is money and being disrespectful to Spidey’s long-time fans who helped make the character and his wife/marriage the best and popular. I don’t understand why new fans and some old fans would justify Pete/MJs’ deal with Mephisto; no ethics at all. Now to talk about the fight between Spidey and Batman: When the fight between Spider-Man and Batman comes to mind, it makes perfect sense for Spidey to win. He would have to be careful when fighting Bats because he could not only severely hurt him by injuring tissues and bones, but possibly kill him. In the fight, Spidey would probably compliment Batman’s perfect pinnacled martial arts fighting ablility like I do Bruce Lee. Bats himself knows that he has no chance of winning if they just happened to come across each other and misunderstood each other for being bad. Now if Batman chose to try to kill Spidey, Pete would be careful not to do the same to Bruce. But if Spidey became really defensive to save his own life and if Bats had some thought-out plan and gadgets to kill him, Pete would quickly punch Wayne in his face thus encaving it. If I had the chance from God to choose between super-human Spider abilities and the pinnacle of human perfection, I would definitely choose to be Spidey. Human perfection with it’s pride may be popular and commendable, but it’s not as fun as Spidey’s abilities. Plus, Spidey has the PERFECT AND VERY ORIGINAL red/blue and black/white costumes.

  24. When it comes to true fun IF there was no evil and no need for saving the innocent, Spider-Man is better than Batman and cooler than Superman; Spidey has always rivaled both of them in spite of their good looks since 1962.

  25. I love Superman’s boy scout qualities, responsibility, love/compassion for people and enough power to save them in spite of Spidey, but in heaven being Superman would be too easy and dull. Spidey is balanced between Bats and Supes and is more interesting than any other Super-Hero that exists in comics. Spaghetti webs, wall-crawling, and web-swinging are original compared to laying in a physically motionless position flying at too easily simplistic speeds.

  26. One more thing about Spidey is that many people get caught up in how fast, strong, and fast Batman is where they consider Bats to be Super-Human when he is really not. I remember a What-If Marvel story where Punisher lured Spidey to an abandoned warehouse and threw a dummy that looked liked Doctor Octupus at Spidey to fight when it really had a bomb in it to kill Spidey. Spidey fell for it and was injured to the point of dying. That is a way, using sleeping gas, and even shooting acid are ways to beat Spidey that Batman could use to his advantage, but I believe that many Batman fans and people who just like Batman, even Spidey, underestimate Spidey’s super-human strength, super-agility, super-speed, super-instincts/spider-sense, super-reflexes, the ability to feel vibrations of anything in good distant radius from him, web-shooters, enhanced healing ability unlike the very quick invulnerable healing factor that Wolverine has, and he has even enhanced sight and enhanced hearing to an extent because spiders can see along with hearing. I read in an encyclopedia that some spiders can produce sounds to give the hint that they can hear too. Some people don’t think of that Spider-Man would have enhanced hearing and sight. He’s freakin SUPER-HUMAN which is why people don’t really grasp the concept because they only know what normal human abilities and senses are.

  27. Bruce is smart too, but I don’t think that Spidey could fall for any tricks and schemes that Bats would throw at him because of his super-intuition, spider-sense, super-instincts, and possibly even enhanced sense of smell to know if Bats has some explosive, acid, gas, or gun-powder to use against him. It would be hard for me to believe that Batman could ever beat Spider-Man. Spidey is highly intelligent at Science, so he could use that against Batman somehow.

  28. OK I’ve had enough of this!!! Spider-Man wins!!!!! If it where a first time fight and out of the blue these two met and fought Spidey would kick his ass!!

    Spider-Man Spec:Super strength,speed,agility, Spider since((which has multiple times allowed him to dodge bullets!!!I’m sure he can handle fucking Battarangs!)) plus webbing that can pulg up a bazzoka,stop a car from falling off a cliff. and As shown in the movies can stop a fucking train!!!

    Bat-Man Specs: Martial Art training. Various Gadgets (most of which are projectiles!)

    Bats posses no super powers what so ever all spidey has to do is web bats’s ass to the side of a building I like Bat man to but seriously any of you who think bats wins over spider is a fucking tard.

  29. mustakrakish on

    alot of people say batman has no idea what spiderman can do and will lose. on the flip side spiderman has no idea what batman can do he’ll hide in the shadows and boom exploding batarang to the face and its over. also batman is not above fighting dirty or using guerilla tactics as i recall the punisher killed spiderman using the same tactics in punisher vs marvelU . and spiderman is strong but not that strong maybe a little stronger than bane but not even close to supermans strength though. I see them meeting in an alley and the first thing spiderman would do is throw a punch at him while batman would automatically go on the defensive looking for weaknesses and he will find them casue hes th gooddamn batman. batman FTW

  30. OK, here it goes. I offer no real answer here, but lets check some things out. Spiderman is physically superior to Batman in about every sense I can think of. His web slinging ability is great and a real pain to get in and out of. The spidersense is also very advantageous as he can see things coming, and sure, dodge bullets. A straight punch from Batman can’t do much if anything to him, and all the projectiles are near useless. Spiderman has taken on all comers, and proves to be the underdog in many situations. Most people like to glamourize Batman’s resourcefulness for it usually seems to be his “superpower”. Now, given preparation, Batman can probably take nearly anyone down. Meeting on the street, no innocents to guard or save, Spiderman would win if it was a brawl. But it wouldn’t be. Batman’s nth metal knuckles probably could vaporize the webbing. His batarangs would’nt do much as spidey would dodge them, but theres always that occasional explosive one a second or two after impact. Spiderman is a scientific geneious, but not a master strategist as Batman is. Bats is at the peak human performance, vs enhanced human performance, however, that never stops batman. He may not have the spidey sense, but his methods of anticipation and caution are probably just as good, if not, a bit weaker. Spiderman SHOULD win, but Batman WOULD find a way. I dont really like my own answer, but i feel it is the most logical. sorry.

  31. Lol, there is no “hands down” by the way. These fights are never that simple. Plus, its up to the writers when u think about it. SHOULD VS WOULD is the main theme of all these VS questions. agreed?

  32. I don’t know if anyone comes on here anymore, but I’d like to give my last resolve. In a real fight between Spider-Man and Batman, no one REALLY knows how the second battle would turn out. For one thing, Spidey would most likely assume that after the first fight of kicking Batman’s ass, Bats knows for sure with his best trained human abilities and mixed martial-arts he still couldn’t win. Spidey wouldn’t take any chances. He’d either decline from fighting Batman so that he wouldn’t risk accidently killing him or it coming down to that. Another thing is that, Spidey would study Batman and figure ways on taking out his gadgetry. Plus, Pete would then consider figuring out ways Bruce could beat him. In the end, it would be tough to know who would actually win. In spite of being a total die-hard Spider-Man fan, I say that Spidey would have a better chance of winning because of the complete super-human equilibrium of a spider along with the scientific knowledge used to overcome any possible gadgetry or plans that Bruce Wayne would have against him. Lastly, the only reason that many people would lie and say that Batman always wins is because inside they know that if he lost, their and his weaknesses would come out and the pride in their hero would be humiliated. Now, not everyone lies but remember: super-powers are better than human-power because the power is super and humans are really not, they can be commendable with good influences, but they’re NOT PERFECT. Spidey can do “works” flawlessly and Batman is only trying to do works the best that he can which isn’t flawless.

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