Tiffany Fallon as Wonder Woman?


Playboy_February_2008_picon.jpgIf Playboy has their way I’m sure it would happen. But is it such a big deal? I mean take a look at an Hughes, Grant, Horn, or other cheesecake artist and tell me those costumes aren’t painted on.  Pink Raygun seems to have a problem with it, though…

So, Wonder Woman finally gets a female writer after sixty years in existence (and manages to get some favorable real-world press as well) and Playboy follows up on that meme by painting a naked chick who couldn’t survive more than a week on The Celebrity Apprentice. Wonder how Gail Simone feels about that. And I wonder where DC/Warner stands on the issue, or are we to expect a naked, body-painted Batman on Playgirl in the months leading up to this Summer’s Dark Knight?

According to Fallon’s MySpace page, she is Wonder Woman.

Take the jump for some definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK (NSFW) images from the issue.

Tiffany Fallon painted up as Wonder Woman brings the links from the horndogs

Wow - Wonder Woman has nipples

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