Green Lantern Gets Director


Greenlanternrebirth6.jpgVariety is reporting that Greg Berlanti has been hired by Warner Bros. to write and direct the Green Lantern movie.  Berlanti will share writing duties with Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green.

Guggenheim, who works with Berlanti as a writer-producer on “Brothers & Sisters,” wrote the Marvel comicbooks “Amazing Spider-Man,” “Wolverine” and “Blade.” Green, the “Heroes” co-exec producer who worked with Berlanti on “Everwood” and “Jack & Bobby,” wrote the Marvel Comics title “Superman/Batman” and was a writer-producer on “Smallville.”

It’s good to see that even a big name mag like Variety has a problem remembering Superman/Batman is a DC title and not Marvel Comics.

No word on a shoot date or who may or may not be cast in the role as Hal Jordan.  With the news of the Flash, Warner Bros. may be changing its mind about waiting until the JLA movie is finished before doing the spin-off flicks.  It would be great to have a flood of stand alone and team movies hitting theaters around the same time frame.

via Variety