Flash Movie On Again


flash.jpgWe announced a while back that the Flash movie had been shelved, but now that the JLA movie is moving forward, it looks as though the studios are reexamining their decision.

According to MTV, David Dobkin has been hired to direct a stand alone Flash movie that will be a spin-off from the Justice League flick.

Dobkin’s film won’t be the character’s first appearance in cinemas, of course, with the Flash a major part of the upcoming “Justice League of America” film. But while fans wait for “JLA” story and casting announcements with bated breath, Dobkin can’t help but hold his – confirming that his movie will exist in the same universe as the upcoming flick as a direct spin-off.

And which version of Flash will we see? Dobkin said Wally West, which further confirms the rumors reported last week that has the JLA movie featuring the death of Barry Allen, with Wally stepping up as the scarlet speedster.

The big question remains – Who will play Wally West?

It is interesting that Warner Bros. is starting with the team movie and then splitting into the single character flicks, while Marvel is releasing the individual characters before going with the full on Avengers team film.

via MTV Movie Blog