Marvel has sent another myterious promo image to promote the One More Day storyline in Sensational Spider-Man #41 (on-sale November 28), and Amazing Spider-Man #545 (on-sale December 27).


Make note that both of these issues are still only 399 cents – a whole 100 cents higher than normal.

You should also note the release date for both of these titles is approximately one month later than originally solicited.

via Marvel


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  1. Ezekiel: Dead. But still, what possible pleasure could he glean from taking Spidey’s Marriage? His Death was caused by noticing how much Peter was devoted to his Wife. Could he see that as an obstacle to Peter’s life as the Spider-Chosen-One?

    Iron Man: Unmagical. And he hasn’t been much help so far. AND he’s upt o his neck in other people’s **** anyway…

    Super-Skrull: Only available if Pete or MJ or May is really a Skrull. And given that Secret Invasion is months away, that’s pretty unlikely.

    Loki: Available, and owes Spidey a favour.

    Daredevil: Unmagical, and not really able to heal old women nor take memories.

    Valkyrie: Hah, yeah, nice try…I’m not even going to bother looking up the powers and/or history of Thor-Knockoff-Girl-With-Plaits. She’s really not the one to save Spidey, especially not with JMS writing.

    Venom (Brock): In Hospital and dying. Who knows, he might be able to appeal to his God or Mother Mary or the Symbiote or…nah, never mind.

    Scarlet Witch: She’s Magical, she can wipe memories, she’s been benign ever since House of M, and contactable through the NA & Ronin; this would also explain the Red Pigeon and Little Girl featured in the last two issues.

    Gwen Stacy: Even though she’s Dead, it would explain the “Take Your Marriage” thing; she’d have the smug satisfaction that Peter couldn’t recall ever having a love greater than his love for her.

    AND SPEAKING OF TEASER IMAGES: Did you get those Green Lantern Covers I e-mailed you?

  2. First off, I hate the delay. Why the stories can’t be finished and then soliceted (sp) I’ll never understand. THis was one of a couple of stories I was actually caring about.

    Secondly, I got a thought regarding what might happen.
    We know that this MIGHT end the marriage. It is generally assumed that it will, but the thoughts as to why/how have been lacking.

    My theory is that the point that will be changed to save Aunt May will be one of two major incidents in Spidey’s life: 1) The Death of Uncle Ben, 2) The Death of Gwen Stacey.

    The whole timeline could be changed by either of these points being stopped. If Uncle Ben is around, he is there to help guide Peter and many different choices could be made. If Gwen is saved, then the relationship with MJ may not happen because she is alive. Also, Gwen living would open the possibility of wiping out the whole Osburn/Stacey affair.

    Either of these theories could involve either turning back the clock or retroactively making Peter younger. I think the making him a little younger is better than just having it suddenly be.

    What If the announced mini-series, SPIDER-MAN: WITH GREAT POWER…, by David Lapham and Tony Harris, is not only a retelling of Peter Parker’s weeks before Uncle Ben’s death, but a pay off that retells the ending of the story, Uncle Ben lives?

    All speculation, but that is part of the fun. I will go back to my little padded room now.

  3. Oh, and of the people above, Loki or Valkyrie. Loki owes Spider-Man for helping him save his daughter and Valkyrie has the whole “ushering dead heroes to Vallhalla” thing going for her. :-P

  4. Loki: Available, and owes Spidey a favour.

    I can’t remember which issue it happened in, but Marvel posted the Spiderman Issue with Loki where he helped free, and look after Loki’s daughter and promised the favor, on the same day that the info for One More Day was leaked.

    Not one to believe in coincidences I’m in the Loki camp

  5. Totally off-topic, but since the Sodam/Prime thing came up, I have to ask – isn’t Tom Welling-Prime still at Pre-Crisis power levels while Superman (Kal-El), Power Girl, and the Daxamites at a comparatively lower (Byrne-esque) power-level?

    The way I understand it, Superman-Prime can still move planets and such; the only reason Kal-El and Kal-L could fight one another to a draw is because Kal-L was 1) holding back, 2) old, and 3) tired from his time in the “paradise prison,” exhausted from breaking out of it, and slow to recharge due to age. Otherwise, as a pre-Crisis Kryptonian (even one from Earth-2), he’s have handed “our” Superman his ass.

    Am I wrong? And if not, is a GL ring (again, we’re talking post-crisis here) *that* big of an equalizer?

  6. What do you guys think about the fact that the wording on this teaser is a bit different?
    “…can save *Spider-Man*” As the story stands now, Spidey is not the one needing saving. So maybe there’s more to this than just saving May and hitting reset on the ol’ marriage. I don’t know what to make of this but I don’t think this is an accident that it’s phrased this way.

  7. Save Spider-Man from what, I wonder. Heartbreak? Depression? Suicide? his Marraige? The Universe Imploding?

    Actually, i think I’ll go with that last one.

  8. They really need to take the stuffing out of this stretched-thin, overblown storyline. Forbush Man and Obnoxio the Clown should have been in there.

  9. The word around the campfire (totally unproven and worth less than what you paid for it), is that an emergency rewrite is currently in the works, due to the reading public having quickly figured out (and poo-pooed) the “Pete makes a deal with Mephisto at the cost of his marriage” angle. Is that true? Noooooo idea. But that’s the talk, and the change of focus definitely lends credence to that.

  10. Jim, I thought about the whole save Spider-Man wording, and I think it goes back to desperation of Peter to save Aunt May. Maybe it is more referring to stopping Peter from doing something that may destory him.

    The Spider-Man/Loki/Loki’s daughter issue was up for reading on the Marvel comics website in their digital comics. I can’t find it right now.

    Anybody else remember the first issue of FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN? There where red pigeons on the cover. It was also the first issue of THE OTHER storyline.

    Red Pigeon = Red Herring?

  11. Davek’s theory is interesting…. We can only hope. It would explain the inclusion of Daredevil (“Find characters with red gloves pronto!”)

    On another note, doesn’t this delay (perhaps due to a rewrite, perhaps not) bode trouble for the idea of publishing Amazing 3x a month? I never thought that was a wise decision.

  12. Hey, maybe Booster Gold will go back in time to prevent Spider-Man from unmasking, then Monitor Stinky will show up and kill Aunt May, saying she should have died years ago at the hands of a burglar. Then Norman Osborne will show up and pull a mask off to reveal he was Uncle Ben all along! Free idea, Mr. Quesada!

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