Ultimates Saga



Spinning from the Ultimate Universe, comes Tony Stark’s take on the Ultimates leading up to the action in Ultimates 3.

Every spy has his secrets, and Nick Fury is no different. As America’s top-ranking espionage expert, just imagine what skeletons Nick has lurking in his closet! What really happened behind the scenes of America’s premiere super hero strike force? That’s what Tony Stark wants to know!

Marvel sent us the cover and a sample page of art from Travis Charest, Bryan Hitch, and cover by Mark Brooks.

As told by Tony Stark (with help from C.B. CEBULSKI and MINDY OWENS)
Based on stories by MARK MILLAR
Rated T+

As Stark assumes control of S.H.I.E.L.D., he quickly discovers that leading an international super-team is not all it’s cracked up to be, even for a man of his power and genius. Just what does the future hold for the billionaire and for the Ultimates? As he begins studying Nick Fury’s personal files on past Ultimates activities, Tony finds that maybe their actions were not always as altruistic as he suspected. And the deeper he delves into the mysteries he unlocks in Fury’s journals, the more he begins to question just want he’s gotten himself into by assuming control of the The Ultimates.


Ultimates Saga arrives November 7, 2007.