We’ve been waiting quite some time for Captain America to return, and he will in Captain America #34 arriving in January. But according to Marvel, we won’t be seeing Steve Rogers as Cap – he’s still dead.

To help reimagine the new character and new costume Marvel has Alex Ross stepping up to help out.

The design of the costume moves away from the chain mail design readers have known for years, and while the shield is still the same, look for the new Captain America to carry a gun.

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Luckily, [Ed] Brubaker never lost sight of working with Ross, an idea that’d been percolating for a while. “Well it was my suggestion to Tom [Brevoort], like months and months ago, knowing that we were going to have a new Cap starting in January,” admits Brubaker. “You know, just an off-handed suggestion, let’s see if we can get Alex Ross to help design the costume, thinking there was no possible way. I think this is when I found out that they were doing [AVENGERS/INVADERS]. Tom was like, ‘You know that’s not exactly outside the realm of possibility,’ and I was like, ‘What?!’ [Laughs] So as it got closer to needing something, Tom actually broached the subject and asked Alex about it. I didn’t know him at all, but yeah, it was great.”

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“Steve [Epting] did some drawings as well, bouncing off of things I was throwing at them. From the first time I had got the call, I did some drawings within about a day or two. I had an idea in my head immediately of what I would want to try and it largely incorporated this influence of a dark costume that had, say, a focal element of a shield on his chest—his old 1940s shield as if it was put on his chest plate,” says Ross.

1582new_storyimage2051114_full.jpg1582new_storyimage2051160_full.jpgMarvel is still keeping the identity of Captain America secret, but a gun carrying knife weilding hero should narrow the playing field. I’m sure the fans have already figured out who is going to wear the red, white, and blue.

“Well I think in many ways we want people to react with whatever emotions that come to mind,” says Ross. “The idea that Captain America would have an offensive weapon like a gun…if it’s an upset feeling, we want it to be so. We want it to feel like, ‘Oh, he’s got a gun now. Captain America with a gun?!’ You know, it should stick in your mind that that’s something. This is not your father’s Captain America, so to speak. It’s a more brutish interpretation, at this point, for the modern age.”

Let the talk back begin! Captain America #34 hits stores in January.


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  1. There are very few costumes that should never be touched, and Caps is one of them. Not fond of this redesign right of the bat. It has the wrong kind of contrast, if you get what I mean.The shield like chest plate is a major clash with the rest of the unifrom. Like a mix between Cap, US agent, and a police officer.Perhaps it will grow on me once we see it in “action” and when we know for sure who is under the red, white, blue, and black. Right now it is making me think alot of the Iron Spider and Superman Blue.

  2. You gotta be @%#* me. At first impression, this makes Frank Castle in the uniform look more plausible. But I trust Brubaker and I will roll with this. I figure we can go a whole year or after the Secret Invasion before it’s really time to bring Steve Rogers back.

  3. Well, for a while the new Cap could have been the Falcon or Clint Barton but it’s now clearly Winter Solider (as it probably should be).

    I think the costume itself looks kinda dumb. I have no problem with reinterpreting or changing it, but this is too separated, and looks like they just sowed two different costumes together. Like someone was wearing black pants and put on a Captain American Tshirt. And does Cap really need a water cantine?

  4. Everytime I think that Joe Quesada can’t do anything more disgusting, Marvel puts out another solicit. I’m guessing Bucky now gets to serve as Tony Stark’s personal assassin. Maybe he’ll get to polish Stark’s boots while he’s at it.


  5. Hmmmm…..I’ve got mixed feelings on this. I don’t “hate” the addition of black to the costume, but I’m not lovin’ it like McDonald’s, either. I DO NOT like the gun. I’m not sure why – as I have no aversion to guns, per se – but I don’t like it at all on Cap. The “GI utility belt” that’s he’s got going on doesn’t do it for me, either – although I can understand it, if the new Cap was recently a soldier…..?

  6. Not bad, but I’m not sure either. I agree with Kienan only time will tell if this is another Superman Blue, Iron Spider, or Scarlet Spider temp design.

    I always enjoyed the rising stars patriot costume, I would have been curious to see a new super soldier serum with a more powerful version of Cap. America with a flag as a cape, like the patriot.

    It looks like Bucky gets his shot, but I think the super shiny with the black contrast on the legs just doesn’t work. It needs more balance

  7. I’ll buy it. The knife and gun is not really a deal-breaker for me, Union Jack has historically carried a knife since his inception and Steve Rogers as Cap is illustrated with firearms through the WWII chronicles. I think that Roy’s comment is write that if it’s Winter Soldier underneath that (and it sure lends one to that thought), I get it and agree with the logic behind it. If it was Clint, then it doesn’t make sense and shouldn’t be used. But I also think that the negative reaction is based on the illustrations constantly showing the pistol drawn (for artistic effect.) It’s kind of like a patrol cop – It illicits one reaction if they have a sidearm walking down the street in a holster, it illicits another if he has it continually in his hand. As for the black addition, I’m willing to see it in action. Why not. If it doesn’t work, we all know it will change back.

    Ultimately, Ed Brubaker has enough credit to his name that I’m willing to see where he goes from here because he’s proven that he’s the best Cap writer in years. I admit it, I thought Cap was boring. But Brubaker has made it a fascinating, dynamic read that feels fresh and contemporary.

    And I still think it’s Merv Griffin.

  8. Reminds me of Ross’ design for Spidey from the Spider-Man movie that was never used. It also reminds me of the X-Men costumes he designed, but were never used. A whole lotta black with a stylized “core” chest.

    I liked those other designs, but this new Cap makes me think of ol’ Alex as a hack designer.

  9. DanH3, you read my mind: it looks like a movie costume design. Like say, oh, if the guy who designed the sh*tty shiny suit from Batman Forever took a crack at making Cap’s standard R-W-B suit more “camera friendly” and “gritty.”

    I’m torn on the gun. Cap shouldn’t be a sissy but at the same time, killing should be a last resort for a “true” comic book hero and a real gun loaded with real bullets is a killing weapon, pure and simple. Maybe he’ll use rubber bullets, who knows?

    Ross wasn’t a good choice for this. I’m bothered by the part about “This is not your father’s Captain America, so to speak. It’s a more brutish interpretation, at this point, for the modern age.” Yeah because we never had USAgent, or Ultimate Cap, or any of the What If/Exiles versions to look at. If you’re going to have a constantly evolving, aging, “realistic” universe where heroes age, die, and are either honored, succeeded, reviled, or forgotten and DON’T COME BACK, Marvel has to bite the bullet and do it across the entire Universe. Franklin can’t be 8 years old for 30 years and Aunt May can’t be 80 years old for 50 years. If you’re going to drag the Cap persona kicking and screaming into the 21st century, you can’t leave the rest of the characters hanging in their old ways.

    People rip DC for having a “Crisis-y” reboot every few years, but the reason they do it is so they don’t have to mess with the icons. Marvel supposedly has the Ultimate universe for that, yet it bleeds over both continuities anyway. Ah well, back to work.

  10. I assume the gun is so that he can shoot himself in the head and bring back Steve Rogers. Captain America shouldn’t carry a gun. On that same note, the guy in the suit is probably not Winter Soldier but some actual, random American soldier (perhaps from that mini series) taking up the shield and (Lord help us) gun.

  11. That’s modern? Check out the pirate boots. If you want to promote this as a current-day utilitarian outfit, that’s fine but why leave the wings and boots. Just looks mismatched.

  12. Sooo did Steve Rogers and Citizen Steel have sex and the 90s came along and later put some roofies in there drink. So ultimate cap and 90s could have a go? Oh also I’m really tired of Alex Ross, he is doing too much he was more awesome when he was more like the ghost of good comic art now he is all over making things Chrome.

  13. Like it.

    One – The shiney isn’t chrome, but it gives the impression of armor.

    Two – The colors being regulated to the chest do several things. a) Reminds people of his legecy with the original shield. b) Gives bad guys a target to aim at. Punisher and Batman both have the most armor on their chest, and draw attention to it purposly. It also reminds me somewhat of Archie’s The Shield, the ORIGINAL flag inspired superhero.

    Three – The web-belt style is a little reminicent of Union Jack, but makes since for a Captain America that is more of a government agent than a four color super-hero. Supplies, weaponry, etc.

    Four – The black parts of the uniform has several pluses. a) It makes it easier to draw, b) I get the idea of nyoprene or compression suits. Could help with body temperature control. c) You no longer have the underwear outline that signifies trunks over tights.

    Five – The gun. Most people dislike this, but if the new Cap is supposed to be a goverment agent and/or recent/current military, it makes since. He doesn’t have to fire traditional bullets. Rubber, Wax and even Plastic bullets are very common in riot control. Also, a good marksman can take an opponent down without killing them. Also, only few people in the Marvel U have the ability to throw the shield and use it as an offensive weapon.

    Six – The wings stay. One, they can be used to hide communication equipment. Two, they give Cap his classic silhouette , essential to good costume design. Think of the silhouette that Wolverine, Batman, and Daredevil throw. It is instantly recognizable.

    That doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few issues.

    One – Lose the pirate boots. Go with a good all-weather lace-up. But, the pirate boots do add to the silhouette .

    Two – I still think that the back needs some type of shield hoslter.

    Now, we are assuming that this is a single Captain America. I was always fond of the idea of Captain Amercia being a strikeforce, kinda a G.I. Joe type thing wth more unity of uniform.

    I do belive that the idea tha because he is Captain America he should not carry a gun is just plain ridiculous. No soldier looks forward to taking a life, but is prepared to do so in defense of his country. Steve Rogers has killed in the past, the recent past as a matter of fact. The idea that you don’t give a soldier every opportunity and tool to complete his assigned mission is short sighted and defeatist.

    All that said, I think that this will be a temporary thing. Seems like I read somewhere that the current Captain America arc is the first part of a multi-part arc. The new Cap could simply be the begining of the Second Act. The death being the prologue and the current arcs Act One.

    Did I mention, I like it? ;-)

  14. He has a gun!

    Why can’t Captain America also have repulsor rays too? That would show he is modern?

    Also, Cap should have an adamantium skeleton. I think it would make him “edgy.”

    I think that he should also drive in a transformable car that shoots rockets! Yay!!!!!!!

    It will go down with the Superman Blue and the Booster Gold armor as a total winner. That is my opinion.

  15. Captain America has access to the SHIELD armory so why can’t he have some of armor that the federal ‘capekillers” use? Also, since the purpose of a gun is for ranged attack maybe he could get Forge to make him a future gun that NEVER misses. He can then get Dr. Strange to bless the bullets so they can penetrate ANYTHING.

    So lets see: Armor?, check. Gun/Ray?, check. Magic bullets?, check. This is going to be soo awesome.

    All that is left is the shield. Okay, now listen, listen; what if he takes Ultron’s molecular rearranger so that he can transform the Shield in ARMOR????? Oooh, ooh better yet, use the molecular rearranger to transform the shield into a GUN!!!! That would be so badass!

    Yeah. That would be kewl.

  16. Ooh! Ooh! I just had a brainstorm!

    What if this new Cap had Bucky? Bring back Bucky at a partner!

    Bettter yet, clone Sharon Carter, Tigra, Silverclaw and Wasp so you can have 4 female Buckies.

    That would be way cool.

  17. Yeah, I’m not liking the boots, either. They don’t “look right” with the rest of the costume. The wings I can live with in a “modernized” costume, but the boots don’t blend in.

  18. What’s with the gun? What is that, a Beretta? 9mm rounds don’t have much stopping power in todays world, let alone in a world with extremely high tech gear! You at least want .45ACP, maybe .40S&W or a .357 SIG, but still. Bad move, but maybe that’ll be changed in the comic.

    And what’s with the armour chest thing with that point going down to his wang? If he sits down with that thing on, he ain’t having kids.

    Gah. So much for keepin’ Cap dead for at least a year.

  19. In Bru and Marvel I do not trust. First he brings back Bucky, he kills Cap, and now we get this. What a horrible costume concept. It’s not the weapons, it’s the look. Let CA blast away, but let the mando it in style.

  20. Fanboys, chill out! Read the article for crying out loud – you’re not meant to love it. You’re meant to be made uneasy and thinking it’s not quite right (gun, knife). So yeah it may be temporary, but it’s certainly a cap for the times , “brutish” as the article says. I’m interested to see where this takes us, hopefully a place more interesting than US Agent meets the Ultimates’ Cap.

  21. Fine with the costume…reminds me of the new Steel in the JSA…but the gun is really disturbing.

    I realize it’s not the job of comic book people to consider world affairs…no one else does, so why should Joe Quesada, right? And I realize that if this were a real person in the real world it would make sense for him to carry a gun…but, I mean, Captain America? Really? DC Comics screws up its continuity with abandon, but at least their baloney doesn’t have the potential to negatively impact world perception of the United States.

    Does America really need the world to see one of it’s iconic red, white and blue characters reimagined hoisting a goddamn gun? Isn’t that how they see us already?

    Please don’t send me hate mail for expressing an opinion…and don’t slap me with any labels. International relations play a major role in my job description working for Homeland Security along the U.S./Mexico border, and I can just see it – just as the national media went wild when they did the Spider-Man revealed his identity, and Captain America was murdered, they will report this and then it will get play beyond on CNN International, the BBC and more. *Really* a bad message to share with a world that thinks we’re a bunch of arrogant cowboys.

  22. Come on Guys,

    I think most people are forgetting that Capt America is a soldier and soldiers use firearms and knives. It just a sign of the times. I think the costume would be okay if they got rid of the chrome look and those damn wings on the forehead. I say give it a chance.

  23. Y’know…It actually reminds me of the Ironspidey costume but for Cap. Which makes some sense to me since this is now a Stark America. Doesn’t the design remind you of The Shield, which came before Cap?

  24. Hmmm. I don’t see why anyone is upset by Captain America in black?

    And that costume IS Steve.

    Doesn’t the design remind you of The Shield, which came before Cap?

    Yes, but only in that Alex Ross borrows liberally from old-school costumes on a regular basis.

  25. The ‘shiny-ness’ works against a the dull black. He should have combat boots and cargo pockets if they are going for a ‘military’ look. If not then why a military utility belt with holster and canteen even.

    I also don’t care for the ‘pointy-ness’ on the shirt design. I’d rather a more squared (military) look instead.

  26. The black pants are because Ross learnt from the mistake he made with commander/citizen steel. No chrome jock strap. I hate myself for going down to that level :(

  27. Here’s the deal.

    This is Captain America we’re talking about. Their trying to make him into some weired, gun-slinging 90’s guy. It’s almost as if Marvel is trying to make Captain America the Punisher.

    I’ll do something similar to what Stacy B did, I’ll list the things that don’t make sense.

    1. If their trying to give Captain America that commando feel, why does he still have the winds on the side of his head?

    2. Since his shield is strapped to his arm, his only attack will be his gun. What happened to good ol’ Captain America throwing his shield around as a weapon?

    3. Although some people are saying that the chrome look to his chest plate is supposed to simulate extra thick armor, I still think is chrome. Why would Captain America go around with something that would give away his position at night?

    4. As said before, why would Captain America wield a gun? Fine, he might use rubber bullets, but even rubber bullets are know to seriously injure or kill people. Doesn’t seem to fit the likes of a super-hero.

    As for the black suit, I would rather have the suit that Matthew Peterson showed us than this stupid, lame, chrome plated commando stuff.

  28. This is Captain America we’re talking about. Their trying to make him into some weired, gun-slinging 90’s guy. It’s almost as if Marvel is trying to make Captain America the Punisher.

    I think that’s exactly what they’re doing, but in a more calculated manner. My supposition is that it will be James Buchanan Barnes in this suit, and Bru will be making the obvious point that no matter how Winter Bucky tries, he’ll never be Steve Rogers. With any luck, the story will use these points of contention in it’s favor. Given how well they’ve balanced the current storyline (a relatively meaningful look at death in a world where death is essentially meaningless) I’m not really too worried about it.

  29. Doesn’t anyone else find it ridiculous to kill off a classic character because he is too old and out of touch with modern America only to replace him with his former sidekick who isn’t much younger and is even more out of touch?

  30. TrollCapAmerica on

    May Joey Quesadila and the rest die a painful death of ass cancer for doing this to Captain America.There is only ONE Superman a Kal-Something from Krypton theres only one Batman a Bruce from Gotham One Spiderman Peter that nerd kid from NYC and there is only ONE Captain America Steve Rogers a guy that perfectly represents my Grandfathers slowly disappearing generation

    Only way anyone else is acceptable under the mask is if they travel back in time to the 40s and make the new guy punch out Hitler on the first ever appearance.Since Marvel lacks a time machine in their circle jerk lounge where they think about new ways to screw up classic characters [Magic spider with wolverine claws,Thor calling himself “Sentry”,Anything X-Men since the 6 month gap of 2000,etc] they should just close up shop now.Hell at LEAST sell the character to DC where Geoff Johns can write the classics from that era with some dignity

  31. Matthew, that black costume that Rogers wore during his time as The Captain is actually my favorite.

    And I do think that your idea of Bucky failing to live up to Cap is close to the way it will work out, if it is Bucky in the suit. I still kinda wonder if MVP will make some kind of Cap appearance in the future.

    The greatest thing about this costume is the discussion it has gotten started again regarding Cap. If you like or dislike it, all publicity is good publicity.

    How many other posts here at Major Spoilers have gotten this many comments in such a short time?

  32. Agreed with the calm people…let’s take a red, white, and blue chill pill on this until January. Even money still says Brubaker and Co. write a damn good story that makes sense of all this. Need I remind people that we’re complaining about a comic where the title character hasn’t been featured in close to a year. And its still one of the best reads of the month.

  33. I realise the purpose of the Ultimate universe is to be more gritty and realistic but I have always thought Ultimate Cap made more sense. In the mainstream universe Cap is a mouthpiece for the Liberal writers (What the US is meant to mean) and a liberal (excuse me if I don’t quite have it right, here in Australia Liberal means something else). Ultimate Cap is a Conservative, I gather, and embodies how great the US used to be in his day.

  34. It might not be Bucky. It could be that blonde SHIELD agent who volunteered to take up the responsibility a couple of issues ago…

    Just a thought.

    Regarding the gun. In all seriousness, if the new Cap is going to have a gun I actually don’t think it is fair for Cap to have a gun which shoots bullets. If he is equipped by Stark/SHIELD his sidearm should be the most advanced weapon Stark/SHIELD could make. That would only make sense because the indestructible shield he uses was the most advance piece of technology that 1940’s America could make.

  35. The gun is fine. Captain America came into this world with a gun, now he’s coming into this world with a gun… Again. Sure, he let it go for awhile (50 years or so), but it adds the desired “brutish” effect. WWII was a gritty time, Cap was born as a gritty hero. Welcome to the gritty 21st century! Rubber bullets, wax bullets, real bullets, paint balls… It will be a fine addition. Those of you who don’t like it because it isn’t very “heroic” are being short-sighted. Cap is fighting crime, and I’m sure he’ll continue to uphold the same values and morals that he has always stood by. Bad guys and villians will die. But that’s the point, right? Cap protects us from those villians, and sometimes its not pretty. But he does this in the name of justice; in the name of America.

  36. I don’t like the effect of the chrome on the “finished” artwork, but the pencil colors look nice. I like the way it looks from behind (but only slightly) and when looking at the pencils the front is okay.

    Perhaps the biggest peeve I’m having with it is the point. Where it ends is awkward and I can’t help thinking that it makes the costume appear even more phallic than the underwear-over-pants approach. “HAY GUYS LOOK HERE!”


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