Well Newsarama has been sold off to Imaginova Corp., a media company that manages science and technology based web sites.

Stone said that though Newsarama senior editors Michael Doran and Matt Brady will remain in place, the plan is to expand the site’s coverage into related TV and movies, particularly as comic book and science fiction culture become more pervasive in popular culture. That’s a trend that is increasingly being recognized by advertisers, which also motivated the Newsarama deal. “We’ve always done well with Hollywood,” Stone said. “Part of this purchase is a reaction to Hollywood’s demand for more ways to directly reach these people.”

I guess that is all good news… I guess… There is no word who is staying and who will be getting the ol’ heave-ho over the coming weeks.

So this begs the question so I can improve Major Spoilers for you – What do you want to see; more pop culture news, or more comic related news?  I’ve been trying to keep the media (film, television, etc.) content on the site limited to that which has a direct connection to the comic industry and not talking about every little show (Pushing Dasies for example) that might appeal to a demographic.


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  1. I know they take a long time to do but you have gotten me hooked on the Hero profiles of the Legion!!! Keep em coming!! Besides that, I wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. Just found this site last month, to be honest. I like the way it is. Keep the comic reviews, and news comic-based, and it’s all good in my eyes.

  3. Thanks for the comments! There are going to be subtle tweaks to the site over the next six months, but rest assured we’ll be keeping it realz (j/k).

    Pat: I would think Major Spoilers would be a good name for purchase too ;)

  4. I check daily, hoping for more great single-issue reviews and character profiles. I can read the previews and solicits anywhere, but it’s the original content of majorspoilers that I’m addicted to. Keep up the good work!

  5. If I wanted TV or movie news, I would go to a site that specializes in that. I come hearing looking for comic news, quality comic reviews, the great Hero Histories, and the occassional tidbit about comic-related movies, TV, and animation, such as the recent series of JLA movie rumors. Keep doing what you’re doing, becaure you’re doing it well!

  6. Scott: the good news is we’re going for both to make everyone happy. Even better news is that in addition to Matt’s regular/daily reviews, I’ll be kicking it up a notch and writing a daily review too – even if it kills me, which it just might.


  7. Please, please, please, for the love of God stick with comics-only coverage!!!! Your site is great, please don’t water it down by mixing in coverage of other media. Pick one thing and do it well….that’s what you guys do. Also, keep the single issue reviews coming. I love those.

  8. Major Spoilers should talk about shows like “Pushing Up Daisies”. I think it is well written with an enormous Tim Burton vibe.

  9. Please just keep it comics. I’m tired of the pop culture crap. I come to sites like this cuse i love comics an comic news an all the lovely spoilers that you post… love your site keep it up!

  10. I want comics-centric coverage.

    I want you to keep your indie comics coverage. I worry when new management comes in that the focus will change to something more general in order to generate traffic.

    Whatever changes you do please try to avoid pop culture – outside of comics that is. I also think celebrity gossip is a bad idea.

    I am not too big on the idea of covering TV shows because it can become a slippery slope where you suddenly end up writing about Hayden Panettiere’s diet tips and not about comics.

  11. Comics only. Obviously a JLA movie or the occasional Smallville type stuff is appreciated, but stick mainly to comics. While I might like a Battlestar Galactica or other sci-fi show, I dont want to read about them on a comics site.

  12. I would like it if it were only restricted to comics. News of other pop culture stuff should stay away. Otherwise this site would be generic and would lose it’s appeal to me.

    Keep up the good work though.

  13. Stick with comics. Want to feature cartoons? Comic related cartoons. Books? Comic related ones. Whatever you run make sure the common denominater is comics.

    I made this my first stop long ago. I work nights my web checks are here, to Comicbloc and then Newsarama.

    I just hope Newsarama-heads don’t start coming here too much. The last thing I need to see under comments is more of the following (the top 5 posts on every Newsarama story):

    SWEET! Looks good, I’m there.

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