Newsarama Joins Imaginova



Well Newsarama has been sold off to Imaginova Corp., a media company that manages science and technology based web sites.

Stone said that though Newsarama senior editors Michael Doran and Matt Brady will remain in place, the plan is to expand the site’s coverage into related TV and movies, particularly as comic book and science fiction culture become more pervasive in popular culture. That’s a trend that is increasingly being recognized by advertisers, which also motivated the Newsarama deal. “We’ve always done well with Hollywood,” Stone said. “Part of this purchase is a reaction to Hollywood’s demand for more ways to directly reach these people.”

I guess that is all good news… I guess… There is no word who is staying and who will be getting the ol’ heave-ho over the coming weeks.

So this begs the question so I can improve Major Spoilers for you – What do you want to see; more pop culture news, or more comic related news?  I’ve been trying to keep the media (film, television, etc.) content on the site limited to that which has a direct connection to the comic industry and not talking about every little show (Pushing Dasies for example) that might appeal to a demographic.


via Newsarama