The Dresden Files Get Dabel Brothers Treatment


full_dresden_files_4.jpgOver at his blog site, Jim Butcher has announced his novels the Dresden Files are going to be translated into comic book form, by none other than Dabel Brothers Productions.

The current plan is to lay out the Dresden Files storyline at the rate of one of the novels every twelve to sixteen monthly issues, with occasional side-trips and independent stories thrown in. (Ever wonder what happened in Branson the month before Storm Front? How about what somebody saw in the lake in Minnesota between Storm Front and Fool Moon? Maybe I’ll get to tell those stories now! How cool is that?)

I will be assisting with the writing of the comics, and am also involved in the design and approval of the characters, art, tone, and so on. This is an actual hand-in-hand project in which I have full creative input and influence, and I’m friggin’ giddy about it. I mean, come on! Comic books!

After their split with Marvel, Dabel Brothers have picked up Dean Koontz Frankenstein and now Dresden.

via Jim Butcher