IGN has an interesting summary of articles that highlight the potential problems plaguing the George Miller helmed JLA flick.

The biggest is the possibility the Writers Guild Association may not wait until next year to go on strike with the actors and directors, but instead may stage a walkout beginning October 31. It is quite possible high profile films like JLA and Transformers, to name a few, could be in the sites of the WGA as a way to cripple the film studios into giving in to demands. Considering the JLA film has yet to see a final green-lit script, this could be very serious for the film.

On top of that there are the casting issues, with Jessica Biel turning down the role of Wonder Woman, and the fact the studio can’t find someone to play Batman.

Actors that are considered a ‘name’ don’t want to step on their [Chris Nolan, Christian Bale] toes. That’s a big problem for Miller and Warners because you have a character [Batman] with its own franchise and it’s successful — and everyone loves what Bale is doing as Batman. I mean, Bale IS Batman. Do you think someone like a Jake Gyllenhaal wants to try to compete with Bale?

On the brighter side, the latest rumor from Movieblog.UGO.com is that Tyrese Gibson is in talks to play the Green Lantern John Stewart.

If these problems are plaguing the film, there are two possible solutions; first, mothball the project until all union negotations are over and everyone is playing happy, or two, go the all CGI route I’ve been advocating for a couple of months, and make it a huge Justice League Unlimited flick. If Robots, Happy Feet, and Over the Hedge can do well, an all CGI JLU would do just as well, if not better, considering the kiddies and their parents know who Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are.

If push came to shove, I think I would rather see what could happen with a live action movie, but CGI seems to be the safer bet. At least if it fails, the studios can blame the animation, and actors don’t have egg on their face for playing a part that was rushed into production.

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  1. You know what, as much as I’d love to see a good JLA movie…if this gets knocked out for the near future, I’m all good. Hollywood makes enough sh*tbag adaptations and remakes as it is, I don’t want to see something I’d be genuinely interested in get rushed through production or filmed “on the scab” just to crank out a money-maker. Even better, this makes it more possible for the current Batman saga to run a full course before moving the character onto a team.

    Now, that said, I would LOVE for “Man of Steel” or whatever it is to be rushed to production ASAP. Given a short timeframe, it would have to be heavy on action and short on exposition. I love the lyrical, classical, cerebral take on Superman. Well, okay, we’ve seen that. Let’s see Superman vs. Bizarro slugging it out in Times Square while Lex Luthor (possessed by Brainiac) readies the Krypton Bomb that will not only kill Superman but also restore the powers of General Zod…not knowing Darkseid is behind it all. Seriously, if you build it, they will come. Go the distance. Ease my pain.

  2. If you don’t have the current stars of both the Superman and Batman franchises behind this picture then it is doomed to failure because you’ve just eliminated support from the fans.

    Nobody is going to like the idea of two actors playing the same character on the silver screen at the same time. It’s like having Daniel Craig and Sean Connery both play Bond in seperate film franchises. It’s just a mess.

  3. We now have about a half dozen actors that “are” Superman and/or Superboy, to say nothing of animated versions. That’s even more true for Batman. To top it, Batman has been through quite a range of interpretations, from Adam West all the way to Christian Bale.

    The way I see it, having a new actor to play him or Superman is pretty much a non-problem, and demonstrably so.

  4. What gets me is everyone’s talking about the fact that the writers may strike, but I’ve heard nothing about anyone trying to prevent it. I remember the one from the 80s; no one should want to go through that again.

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