One of my students asked me when the next Ultimates series was going to be released, and now I can tell him – December 05, 2007. I’m included in the number of fans that liked the series, and the third looks like it is going to be a smash.

Such a smash that Marvel is releasing two gatefold covers that connect into one giant panoramic shot.

“When we first talked about how to launch Ultimates 3, we wanted something that both the retailers and the fans could sink their teeth into,” explained award-winning writer Loeb. “I’d been a huge fan of Joe Mad’s Uncanny X-Men #350 with that triple-gatefold and it’s hardly ever done anymore. But since we’re in the Ultimates it had to be even bigger than that! Working with Chris Lightner’s magic digital inks and colors, Joe created TWO covers — HEROES and VILLAINS all rushing toward each other. And when you put them together it makes one massive poster. So much so, that Marvel is releasing them as posters! We also wanted to thank you all for being patient while we put this together properly. Joe and Chris are at the height of their game and having been away from comics for a few years, these Hall of Famers have returned with a vengeance. Go Ultimates!”

Take the jump for the full covers and info about the new series.

Written by JEPH LOEB

Written by JEPH LOEB

This winter, the Ultimate Universe heads down the road to Ultimatum and the red-hot, star studded Ultimates 3 #1 (of 5) is your first chance to experience this bold new direction for the comic line that changed superheroes! And don’t miss both the color and black white poster editions of these covers, featuring the stunning art of Madureira and Lichtner!


(click ’em to enlarge ’em) Each issue will set you back a mere $2.99.

I can’t wait for a huge ass poster of these two covers together.

via Marvel


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  1. I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation as to why Thor has the wrong hammer. Ah, well. It’s only five issues and then maybe they’ll turn it over to someone who is not a super star but can at least draw.

  2. Everyone is facing each other except for Magneto. I don’t know why, but that just really irritates me. Other than that, however, I really like the art.

  3. Not only the wrong Hammer, AND looking Half-Walrus, but rumours state that Ult. Thor is going to be doing ‘I Say Thee Nay’ talk as a result of Ultimate 2’s climax. Way to go, Loeb…let’s just take the worst aspect of the 616 Thor and graft it straight on, why don’t we…

  4. To be critical, several of the characters are drawn in the 616 style as opposed to the Ultimate U.

    Venom didn’t have the Spider symbol, Wanda did not wear the traditonal costume (that I ever saw), Valkyerie(?) was a little waif-ish chick that had no powers and slept with Hank Pym. The Hawkeye with guns is do-able because he is shown as a straight marksman.

    I’ve always enjoyed Thor’s old speech, and dig the facial hair.

    Besides the cartoon, has Black Panther appeared in the Ultimate Universe?

    Wait for the trade, but am curious if they will get all 5 issues out on time?

  5. So we got wolvie, spidey, valkyrie, and venom in the first arc of the Ultimates. You know, one of the major selling points with The Avengers(and in turn, Ultimates) was that I got see interaction with characters that didn’t already appear in 3 other titles(Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Thor, Wonder Man, Ms. Marvel, Black Panther, Firestar, Vision, hell, even Ultimate Captain Mar-vell). Marvel whores out Spidey and Logan so goddamn much that I’ve deliberately tried to avoid anything related to them for the last decade. Only to have them both shoved up my nose in New Avengers. And now we’ve got them both in Ultimates 3? As for Joe Mad on art? He must hate continutity, as well as deadlines…

  6. Hmmmm….It looks like the Ultimate Universe is slowly becoming more like 616…While 616 is slowly becoming like the Ultimate Universe…

  7. Yep, Civil War made 616 into the Ultimate-verse(with all the politicking and powers registration)…and Ultimate-U is now Marvel circa 1990…just without all the leather jackets and mullets…lol

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