Baltimore Comicon: DC News



For a small convention, there is plenty of news coming from DC Comics. Take the jump for the rundown.

  • Scott Kolins has signed an exclusive deal with DC.
  • Chuck Dixon will return to Robin in 2008, following the Ra’s Al Ghul storyline.
  • In regards to Countdown:
    • There are no current stories running that are taking place on alternate Earths.
    • Titans Tomorrow features Titans from New Earth and nowhere else.
  • Readers will get to see Earth-2 JSA
  • Daniel Acuna will be replace as the artist on the Flash, although the new artist has not been announced.
  • Jim Shooter is officially back on Legion of Super-Heroes.
  • Checkmate has been scripted to issue #25, but DiDio would not promise it and Shadowpact would not be cancelled.
  • Manhunter will return.
  • Barry Allen is not returning. I’ll repeat – Not Returning. This pretty much blows the idea that Barry is tied to the end of Lightning Saga.
  • Brad Melter will return to DC when his schedule allows.
  • DiDio is set to be the editor for Teen Titans, with Sean McKeever continuing the writing duties.
  • Carlos Pacheco will be leaving Superman with issue #668.
  • In regards to the Showcase editions, DC said the cancelled issues will appear in the second half of 2008.
  • The Grant Morrison run of All-Star Superman will run 12 issues, then move to stand alone stories.
  • Firestorm will return to Justice League of America.
  • Peter Tomasi will write Nightwing after Marv Wolfman concludes his run.
  • Absolute Sandman will be contained in 4 volumes. Good news for those who have fallen in love with the series. Volume 2 is shipping soon.
  • The New Amazons are coming.

If you were at the show and have news or photos to share, make sure to drop me an email.