Or – “More Secrets, Hints, and Inveiglement.”


One of the inherent problems of a title like this is the nature of secrets. The launch of New Warriors was (unusually, for a comic release) kept very mysterious, but the danger is that once the secrets are revealed, people will lose interest. So far we’ve seen the identity of Wondra, Blackwing, and Decibel, and they all have a connection to a certain upstate academy of higher learning with a hyper-sonic jet under the basketball court. Given Marvel’s historical predilection for loading titles with recognizable characters, adding a ‘high-concept’ hook, and seeing if it sticks to the wall, one might have questions about loading down another team book, but so far the results have been quite compelling. More questions are answered this issue, and some hints are thrown about as to the identity of the mysterious Night Thrasher, but is the high concept overpowering the story itself?

NW1.jpgPreviously, on New Warriors: After the tragedy in Stamford, the New Warriors name carries a heavy stigma, as the general populace now thinks of them as murderers. It should be noted, however, that the general populace tends to have the collective intelligence of wet cardboard, as evidenced by the continuing celebrity status of Nicole Richie. In this post-Civil-War climate, a mysterious hero has taken up the mantle of Night Thrasher and formed a new group of Warriors, including Jonothan Starsmore, the former X-Man known as Chamber, Jubilation Lee, the former Jubilee, and Barnell Bohusk, the Beak. At the end of last issue, NYPD detectives Sykes and Givens followed a lead that they thought would bring them to Thrash, but found it a bit TOO successful. Night Thrasher gave them a not-so-subtle warning, and shrunk them down to a few inches in height, presumably using Pym particles. The next day, Sykes’ nemesis (whose name escapes me, so we’ll call him Officer Mickhead) finds the pair taped to the front door of police headquarters.


To his credit, Yellowjacket is a bit verklempt at the thought of his dear friend Bill, killed in action during the Civil War, before Detective Sykes drops the bombshell that their assailant was Night Thrasher. Hank is able to reverse the shrinking process, and Sykes goes over some information that Officer Mickhead gathered for her, tracing any transactions that might lead them to the identity of the new Thrash. Mickhead missed at least one important bit of information that Sykes immediately picks up…


Now, this IS interesting. T’Challa and Dwayne Taylor (the original Night Thrasher) did have a mentor/protege relationship at one point, but is this a clue that Dwayne is back, or that T’Challa is trying to fill the void created by the loss of a promising young hero? Curiouser and curiouser… Across town, at Stark Tower, Antonio Stark tries to talk some sense into a government suit named Kooning, who insists that Tony go in, guns blazing to take down the Warriors. Stark replies that this would be a P.R. nightmare (as though his interactions with the New Avengers, Spider-Man, The Order, The Initiative program, et al have been completely free of conflict) and Kooning replies that Tony can either deal with it, or Kooning will send in the Thunderbolts.


With that rather ominous threat in the air, Tony is forced to rethink his Warriors strategy. Likewise having to rethink some of his battle plan is Night Thrasher, currently ensconced in his hidden underground base, (the former Murderworld of Arcade) testing the abilities of his new partners the old fashioned way: by kicking the living $#!+ out of them.


Thrash sets ’em up an’ knocks ’em down, taking out every one of his teammates with nothing more than natural agility and his escrima sticks. “Pathetic,” spits Thrasher, and I can tell you right now that if this ISN’T Dwayne Taylor, it’s amazing how well whomever it is has assimilated both his fighting style and his trademark scorn. The team members aren’t thrilled to have been so easily bested, but Night Thrasher has little time for whiners.


Another member identified, as Tempest is revealed to be Warhawk/Beak’s wife, Angel Salvadore. I appreciate the hell out of this, as Marvel has a bad track history with any marriage that isn’t Reed and Sue. *coughOneMoreDaycough* It’s good to see that at least SOME of Morrison’s awesome X-Men run (your mileage may vary) is still intact. As for the brother sister team of Longstrike and Phaser (I think it’s Phaser, anyway) I suspect that I SHOULD know who they are, but I got nothin.’ They’re probably either X-Men or New Mutants, but I can’t think of any black brother/sister team unaccounted for in X-Men terms. Thrash takes Wondra/Jubilee aside and tells her that team workouts are going to be doubled, and that she needs to take a harder line with the team’s training. Jubes replies that she’s done her best, since he’s never around, and a slow realization dawns upon her…


Is Night Thrasher supposed to BE T’Challa? That’d be odd, and a bit anti-climactic to me. Downtown, Sofia Copolla (the New Mutant once known as Wind Dancer) has finally found her groove again, finally getting the beats of her new waitress job down, and even asking for a raise. When a fellow waitress asks her what’s up, Sofia responds that she’s finally put her life together, hinting that she’s going to join the Warriors. The twin brothers known as Opportunity and Coincidence arrive together, as an explosion blows in the windows of the diner, and a new version of classic Marvel villains The Zodiac arrive Their Scorpio yells his plan aloud, indicating that they’re looking for someone or something called Baal Abib. Before they can cause more random property damage, it’s time for a New Warriors group shot!


The Warriors attack, quickly gaining the upper hand on the Zodiac. One of the Warriors (Skybolt?) seems to have a decided southern accent, making me wonder if we know where Josh Guthrie is these days. Longstrike uses her arm and leg enhancements (stolen from the armor designs of the Stilt-Man) to attack the Zodiac’s crab-woman, but overconfidence gets the better of her…


Oh, my… That’s just… ewww. I wonder if this situation is going to cause Sofia to reconsider her thoughts on joining? Either way, there’s still a number of questions to be answered, and the mystery of Night Thrasher is showing quite a few suspects. Is it T’Challa? Could it be Donyell Taylor, the former Bandit? Dwayne himself, back from the grave? Henry, the Janitor? Could BE!! “Hong Kong Fooey, numba one sooper guuyyy!!”

Sorry, side-tracked. In any case this issue was well-done, though for the first time, the mystery is starting to feel like it’s dragging, just a bit. It’s not something that is going to destroy my enjoyment of a good book, but this issue wasn’t quite as complete a package as the first three. Whomever Longstrike is (if we even know her at all) her seeming death may gain some more resonance once they make it clear, and the reveal that another Warrior is a Xavier academy alumnus makes me wonder exactly how this all going to shake down. Kevin Grevioux does a good job with his pacing and plotting, and the art (by Paco Medina and Juan Vlasco) is very slick and visually pleasing, especially in the action sequences. I’m not 100% sold on all the costume designs (including Decibel’s plaid-flannel-shirt-around-the-waist-circa 1990 outfit) but overall the characters are showing a lot of potential, especially now that I know that Beak and Angel are still together. (Do they have kids anymore after M-Day?) While not as enjoyable for me as last issue, New Warriors #4 is still a fine book, a 3 star out of 5 effort that only disappoints by not being as good as the first three. That said, there’s still a lot going on here, and New Warriors is still a read worth looking forward to…



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  1. And yet another de-powered X-Man is revealed. Surprise, surprise.

    With the reveal behind the shrinking methods of the “immortal” Night Thrasher revealed I am inclined to believe his identity is that of Bill Foster’s nephew, who vowed to replicate his uncle’s powers. If I recall correctly, Black Panther also vowed to help him.

  2. Scott:
    I believe that is just a simple flanel shirt wrapped around him. Perhaps a nod to the Generation X team/series/culture. Chamber/Decibel (Chamber was a better name) is from London.

  3. Those Bill Foster references sure were thrown in there weren’t they? Hmmmm….I seem to remember an angry younger brother at the beginning of WWH. Could T’Challa have trained the younger Foster to avenge his brother’s death?

  4. Jono is suppossed to be English if I remember correctly. But I thought he was wearing a kilt when I saw his costume last issue.

    Josh Guthrie is dead. He was shot and bled to death. Even though his mutant healing powers should have prevented that. They had a funeral for him and everything.

    Angel and Beak’s kids are all normal now except Tito.

    No clue on who Thrash is suppossed to be. Holding out hope it’s Dwayne, but Jubilee’s reaction to her thought on the matter makes me think otherwise.

    What was the Wakandan’s name from Fantatic Force? Vibraxas?

  5. I’d like to say here and now that, Fans aside, I find Beak & Angel’s Marraige to be more awesome than any other, INCLUDING Luke & Jessica.

    Also: I am digging those new costumes.

    Also also: Josh Guthrie died in ‘New x-Men’, and good riddance to bad (Chuck Austen) rubbish.

    Also also ALSO: Love the New Zodiac.

    Also also ALSO ALSO!: How many people can we rule out? Could NT even be Koning, bossing Stark about to throw him off the trail?

  6. I thought the healing powers came from his blood ala Archangel. Oh well.

    And while many of Chuck Austen’s stories were utter trash, Josh guthrie was never an Austen original. The wings and healing powers were Austen, but Josh’s original mutant power was the magic of his singing voice, as shown in an issue of New Mutants vol. 1 (it was ambiguous whether he was a really good singer or if it was a mutant thing. I like to think it was a mutant thing)

  7. I’m thinking Kaz might be Taki/Whiz Kid from X-Terminators.

    As for Jubilee’s “Are you telling me you survived that blast…” the only thought that comes to mind is that NT is the only known survivor of Stamford. Speedball/Penance pulling double duty as a T-Bolt and a Warrior.

    Cause really, what would the Warriors be without Speedball?

  8. cozmicdawg, that was MY idea in a previous NW review,a nd it got turned down for the simple reason that Foster’s brother/cousin/whatever is appearing in Incredible Hulk…so no-one’s gonna know who he is unless they read Incredible Hulk.

  9. I’m lose with the timeline. Iron (tony stark) is here, fighting with thor or in the coliseum waiting for the hulk event ?

  10. I dedicate this poem/song to our hero…the Night Thrasher.

    It is called:
    Thrasher of the Night

    He’s the Night Thrasher!
    He’s the Night Thrasher!
    He thrashes the night!
    He thrashes the night!
    If you are the night
    You will get thrashed
    If you are the night
    You will get thrashed
    It may sound crazy
    But he thrashes the night
    It may sound crazy
    But he thrashes the night
    He’s the Night Thrasher!
    He’s the Night Thrasher!
    Not a Day Thrasher!
    He’s the Night Thrasher!
    He thrashes the night!
    He thrashes the night!

  11. And how do we know that this Kaz guy isn’t controlling Night Thrasher’s actions with that game controller?

    Maybe this NT can’t fight, but his armor CAN, but only under someone else’s control.

  12. Haven’t been keeping up with all the mutants for a while, but I was thinking Sam Guthrie, or is he active in the X-Men books now?
    Thanks for another great review guys!

  13. I doubt it Josh. I just checked and those two weren’t named Kaz. They were Takaski “Taki” Matsuya (Wiz Kid) from X-Terminators and Hiro Takachiho from Big Hero 6. Meanwhile, just a character search for “Kaz” doesn’t turn up any likely suspects. I think it’s just a new character.

  14. Batman2024: This is only a little after CW, somewhere after the first Arc of Mighty Avengers and the ‘Death of a Dream’ Arc of Captain America. Say, a month or so later.

  15. What about thinking outside the box in the OTHER direction?

    What if Night Thrasher is someone that feels guilty for being on the side that won the Civil War? Or someone that was sorry to see the New Warriors end up being dumped on like they were?

    I know it’s not Stark (he’s not THAT good outside of his suit) but I’ve just got this feeling that it’s someone like him and will be a huge curveball when it’s revealed.

  16. It’s young, time-displaced Nick Fury from the Ultimates Universe, brought in by 616-Fury to kick some butts!

    Jublilation’s just confused because she thinks it’s 616-Samuel L. Jackson.

  17. Wait! I just thought of something.

    What if Night Thrasher is…Kevin “Kasper” Cole aka White Tiger. He has been trained by T’Challa and replaced T’Challa as Black Panther for a while. He has a vibranium mesh suit.

    Its a long shot and its something I don’t particularly want happening because I want to use him myself for my own stories.

  18. personally i’d like it to be Dwayne, but I don’t think it is. I’m hoping they don’t drag this out more than another 2 issues, if they do I’m gonna loose interest and I’ll check back in AFTER they announce who NT is.

  19. Baal, actually it confirms it. Without that ‘bad story’ in Excalibur, Chamber wouldn’t have his grey skin and apocalypse-mouth, but would still be in a hospital on life-support.

    Also, because of his Apocalypse stuff, I think he may be the only New Warrior with his own powers.

  20. Stacy, Sam Guthrie is active with the X-Men in the adjective-less X title. He’s still powered.

    I think it will be lame if all of the NW are revealed to be de-powered ex (or X-) mutants….

  21. Baal: This story doesn’t really contradict the New Excalibur issues with Chamber in them. He’s still sporting the Apocalypse Jr. look. The real question is how he got from the end of that story (hanging with Ozymandias) to New Warriors. I think he may have snapped out of his angry-young-man mode by being recruited by Jubilee.

    Todd: Wishful thinking on my part for Wiz Kid and Big Hero 6.

  22. What if Night Thrasher is another X-Man? Perhaps Bishop? That would also explain the support from Black Panther, the husband of Storm.

  23. I don’t think it would be anyone in the Initiative, so that rules out Bishop and War Machine…besides, both those guys are slightly bigger and taller than the guy in the Night Trasher suit.

  24. I was thinking the kilt (if it is a kilt) is a nod to Banshee, who’s Irish and had sonic-based powers, too. But when I say it outloud like that, it sounds kind of stupid, lol, since Scottish is totally not Irish and someone from either culture would probably get offended at me for the comparison. XD In any case, it’s just a constructed identity.

  25. I doub tit. Then we would be able to see the M scar on his eye.

    Rhoady is far too loyal to Herr Fuhrer Stark to pull something like this off.

    Bill Foster’s younger brother is in WWH and is apparently siding with Hulk.

  26. The mystery is interesting, but it’s a little…yeah, it’s dragging. I’m hoping it’s Dwayne, because 1) I’m an old school NW fan, and the Reality Show/Civil War/Frontline stuff was total BS, 2) it being anyone else will make it feel anticlimactic, and 3) Occam’s Razor. :)

    But, I’m all for Sofia and the others, too. People are complaining about too many X-Mutants, but I’m not bugged by it. I remember when the depowering hit, and Joey Q was all like ‘the depowered mutants’ stories aren’t over.’ Except that they totally were and were removed from the books and tossed into Comic Limbo or killed for shock value. The original NW was formed by Tom DeFalco going through the official Handbook and finding unused characters. The same is kinda being done here, just there are more mutants that are ‘free’ from other books.

    Also, even money says the Baal Abib the Zodiac are looking for will end up in Sofia’s hands, and that’s when she gets her power mojo. Also, unknown to everyone else, that Josh/Jay Guthrie who was killed was probably a Skrull, considering hiw out of character he was under those new writers.

  27. RonnieThunderbolts on

    A couple of things. Sofia Mantega-Barrett. NOT Sofia Copolla, the director and daughter of an even more famous director.

    Also, Angel and Beak: not married. Never said to be married in the comics, never had a wedding. They’re together, they have kids, they aren’t married.

    Bill Foster? No brother, but a nephew from his only sister. His name is Tom Foster, he has NO training in combat or superhuman abilities, he is a bright undergrad at MIT, and is currently an anarchist against the Initiative during World War Hulk. He almost certainly ISN’T Night Thrasher, but he could easily be helping out/working with the team.

    In addition to having a different name, Taki AKA Wiz Kid, was paralyzed and in a wheelchair, as well as being about the same age as Jubilee. He wouldn’t be a 3 foot tall kid anymore, and wouldn’t be standing, so him as Kaz makes zero sense when looking at the bigger picture.

  28. RonnieThunderbolts on

    Also, where I am living in Portland, OR, as well as major cities like New York, you can see young American kids wearing skirts and kilts. It is just a style, a kind of punk/goth/whatever look, defying convention, and perhaps digging the comfort of a kilt. It would seem, from Night Thrasher’s dialogue, that all of the members are dependent on technology for their abilities, and from Beak and Tempest, that they have some kind of choice in which abilities they would use. With all that, we might infer that Jono chose his sonic powers to honor his dead mentor, Banshee.

  29. Jubilee says “are we supposed to believe you survived that blast……..” then seems to realise who N.T. is.

    Who does Jubes Know that is –
    Very confident?
    Very capable?
    Supposedly died in a blast?

    Bearing in mind all the revealed characters are from the x-books………..

    I think Night Thrasher is Synch.

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