Remember how crazy I said the latest rumors from IESB were regarding the JLA movie? Turns out all the BS was in fact complete bullshit whipped up by someone trying to embarrass the IESB site.

the second email i sent IESB is the one they recently posted on the site from “Action Boy!”. the information and story treatment is full of completely ridiculous statements and ideas (unlike the previous scoop who’s info was far more reasonable). roberts response to this email was very courteous and not very inquisitive as to it’s legitimacy nor demanding of any proof that im legit (completely opposite of his response to the other “scoop”). but he was inquisitive for me to get more info for him. he said he’d like to ask me a few questions, and before i even responded to his request the scoop was posted on the site, not even 24 hours after it was sent. clearly, no research was even attempted in order to verify any of the info involved, yet they clearly deemed it newsworthy enough to post.

So there you go. IESB was trying to get a lot of link love by posting crazy rumors and ended up losing all credibility over it. Don’t worry Spoilerinoes, you won’t be see any more links to IESB anytime soon.

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  1. Don’t stop posting crazy crap like that! It’s entertaining.

    Besides, the way DC properties are handled, even if all those rumors were valid we never would have seen them happen on the big screen.

    Side note: I watched Superman Returns in HD last night and it looked beautiful. And the movie itself is much better if you’re able to use the remote to Speed Force past about 45 minutes of it…really tightens up the story, although anyone sitting next to me who’d never seen it would wonder what Cyclops, Kumar, and Parker Posey really had to contribute to the plot. Of course, one could have gotten than impression watching the full movie as well…

  2. If you want crazy, I’ll post the crazy :D

    Also, I just spent the weekend installing and updating my home theater at the new Major Spoilers Mansion, and I’m waiting for Superman Returns to check everything out.

  3. In hindsight, the rumors from IESB aren’t that off-the-wall when compared to the (often sad) reality of what DC does with their properties. Consider the following:


    “Time-Warner has announced plans to bring the comic book “Justice League of America” to fill the void left by the passing of “The Flash.” Casting is uncertain at this time, but rumor is that David Ogden Stiers, the 280 lbs. Charles Winchester III from 1970s TV phenomenon M*A*S*H has been selected to play the Martian Manhunter, an alien who wears nothing but a red leather body harness and a scowl. Lou Ferigno denies turning-down the role.”

    – via youcantmakeshitlikethisup.com

    “Rumor has it that Tim Burton is casting Michael “Beetlejuice” Keaton in the upcoming big-screen adaptation as – no, not the Joker – as Batman! Yeah, you heard it here first; Burton’s upcoming crap-fest is going to be 1966 all over again. If you’re going to re-shoot Batman for the big screen and cast a clown, why not just bring Adam West out of retirement – it’s not like he’s doing much these days.”

    – via comixsnark.com

    “OK, I’ve got it on good authority from a friend of mine who works on the WB lot that Danny DeVito’s Penguin is being portrayed as a cross between Larry Flint and Linda Blair. Supposedly there’s a scene where he comments on Catwoman’s p*ssie, then throws up some herring guts on her. Yeah, right – like the character’s that poorly defined in the comics that anyone would try something like that…”

    – via superherosleeze.com

    “Hey True Believers, rumor has it that newly-minted Batman franchise director Joel “Laytex Lad” Shumacher is having the bat-suit redesigned with nipples and a pronounced codpiece! Puh-lease – why would Warner Bros. give him that much leeway to screw-up a proven formula for box office hits?”

    – via Advocate.com

    “Alright, I almost didn’t post this, but my source is *hot.* How hot, I hear you ask? Hotter than John Byrne’s private stash of She-Hulk storyboards that didn’t make it past the Comics Code Authority – that’s how HOT! Anyway, word on the street is that Brandon Routh’s Superman is going to be – get this – an illegitimate father! Yeah, right – the world’s biggest Boy Scout not only fathered a baby out of wedlock, but is also a deadbeat dad. Meanwhile, Superson *doesn’t* save his mother from falling down elevator shafts the whole time papa Superman is away. Yeah, right. Next they’ll be negotiating royalty payments to Marlon Brando’s estate so they can cast a dead dude as a major supporting character. My ass…”

    – via tightywhiteynet.net

    “Alright, fanboys and girls, listen up. Because *nothing* says “macho” like a gay cowboy – except for maybe Antonio Banderas in a speedo – the upcoming Bat-reboot sequel “The Dark Knight” is casting the kissing cowboy himself – Heath Ledger – as the Joker. Yeah, that’s right – hot on the heels of Liam Neeson’s kick-ass portray of Ra’s Al-Ghul comes the only logical successor to Caesar Romero and that other guy who played the Clown Prince of Crime in the 1989 runaway smash (and all-time #4 top grossing movie of all time), whats-his-name? Oh, yeah – Jack Nicholson. Because when I think of the crazy fucker from the Shining, I automatically think “gay cowboy.””

    – via aintitbullshit.com

    See? It *could* have all been true, and it *might* actually be! I’m just sayin’ is all…

  4. The problem with the original post at IESB was that it was so far out fantastical that there would have been no way for Warner Bros. to have made “that” movie. Hence me calling BS when I first posted it last week.

    Actor casting is a bit different as it all boils down to who can act the part, availability, and so on. I have no problem posting wild rumors (as I have done in the past), and I have no problem calling bullshit either ;)

  5. Don’t get me wrong; I’m with you on this. I’m just pointing out that DC does some seriously whacky stuff with their toys, sometimes with terrific results, and sometimes not so much. And it’s not all casting calls, either. I mean, seriously, who green-lit nipples and jockstraps for “Batman Forever,” and who let it continue with “Batman and Robin?”

    I need to know so I can *not* brake when I see them in a crosswalk…

  6. Wait, you mean people actually LIE on teh intarweb? My mindz cannot accept this.

    Also, I agree w/ Mark I. – please don’t stop posting crazy rumors like that, even if there’s no way it could ever be true. It gives us all something to laugh about.

  7. “And it’s not all casting calls, either. I mean, seriously, who green-lit nipples and jockstraps for “Batman Forever,” and who let it continue with “Batman and Robin?”

    I believe that would be producer Jon Peters, formerly Barbra Streisand’s hairdresser. But I could be wrong.

  8. Stephen, with a plan like that, you should run for office. Just stay away from airport bathrooms and interns in blue dresses, and you’ll be set.

  9. No, no, no! I’m telling you – truth *is* stranger than fiction!

    Also on the list of things to watch out for in public office: seasonal high school interns (in Florida); male prostitutes posing as conservative “journalists” (or is that “urinalists?”); Larry Flynt, Heidi Fleiss, comatose women looking for a second opinion (again, in Florida only)…

  10. Stephen, if you upgraded to HD (I personally got an HD-DVD player and 52 flat screen ;-) ), a GREAT movie to test it out on is SERINITY. SUPERMAN RETURNS is beautiful in High Def, but the colors in SERINITY look as if they could almost BURN you!

  11. Stacy: I just got a new 1080p projector, so I’m looking at a screen that is 105″ in size :D I’m waiting for my copy of Superman Returns on Blu-ray to arrive this week. The sound system was set up this weekend, and sounds superb. I have the new LG combo player so I get the best of both worlds (HD and Blu-ray).

  12. Speaking of rumors, I hear via IESB that Spider-Man 4 will feature the much beloved “Clone Saga” storyline. Must be true. When has the web ever lead to anything bad happening?

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