JLA Mysteries Revealed as Interweb Hoax



Remember how crazy I said the latest rumors from IESB were regarding the JLA movie? Turns out all the BS was in fact complete bullshit whipped up by someone trying to embarrass the IESB site.

the second email i sent IESB is the one they recently posted on the site from “Action Boy!”. the information and story treatment is full of completely ridiculous statements and ideas (unlike the previous scoop who’s info was far more reasonable). roberts response to this email was very courteous and not very inquisitive as to it’s legitimacy nor demanding of any proof that im legit (completely opposite of his response to the other “scoop”). but he was inquisitive for me to get more info for him. he said he’d like to ask me a few questions, and before i even responded to his request the scoop was posted on the site, not even 24 hours after it was sent. clearly, no research was even attempted in order to verify any of the info involved, yet they clearly deemed it newsworthy enough to post.

So there you go. IESB was trying to get a lot of link love by posting crazy rumors and ended up losing all credibility over it. Don’t worry Spoilerinoes, you won’t be see any more links to IESB anytime soon.

via Bluetights.net